Defiant Recruiting for RBGs!

Defiant is currently recruiting for our core and casual RBG teams.

Casual runs almost every night and sometimes twice a day. No rating is required but full ruth. 390+ is req. All Classes welcome for this team.

The Core welcomes:
Anything but paladins.
Please have:
-Battleground Targets addon

Note: To run with core a rating of 1600+ is preferred.
If you are interested please message Lowntown, Asheliz, or Richieluvv in-game.

Edited: For Spelling.
Yeah go for it man. We only have one active shaman.
Inv me
Bumps like smallpox
bump 4 defiant
Wishing you the best in your recruitment efforts.
I like the classism going on around here.

You got something against us paladins?

I see you a paladin, but you know that racist black guy in Boondocks?

Yeah you remind me of him.
Paladins are taking over WoW. :O
Lowntown is the Uncle Ruckus of Arthas??!!
I want some Taco Bell.
If you join Jesuzchrist rbg, you will most likely lose considering he is high as hell just about every time he runs them. O.o

If you join RichieLuvvs rbg, you will most likely win because he takes them seriously. And DOESN'T suck.

Take your pick.

Anyways, BUMP for Defiant.

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