Rogue names

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Försvinna means to disapear in the swedish language.
I remember a rogue on Zul'jin in Vanilla named Nerfed.

Watching his videos was AWESOME.
mines good.
I like mine.
Rhaul! ;p
Not gonna lie, I like mine :).
<--- I like mine
I like mine :)
Tough to argue with a name like mine........
you guys should come up with awsome names.

just saying
phantum, phanttom,knighttmare

just be creative
I like how it quickly turned from a "Can you guys help me figure out a name?" post to a "My name is better" post.
George is a cool name I guess....
for goblins/ gnomes i love this name (was going to be minininja but it was taken)
06/13/2012 02:15 PMPosted by Gyroscope
Steve. Thats a great human name.

I completely agree.

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