Rogue names

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<-- great for the miss-spellers
how about : Justfred
While I do like Steve, and Pants is pretty spiffy...

you should go with something deceiving .... like Sheep or catdruid
i dont really like the name pants and steve

but sapntime sounds cool
Cloakofskill(if it fits)
Or try....
To be honest, if you want a great rogue name, create a name that you didn't hear about, read about or see in another video game. Gather idea's for a name based on your race, your talent tree and what you are using your character for.

The greatest and most well known names are always the names that are well thought of, original and have meaning.

For example, Ribb - My rogue is undead, subtlety, and purely created for PvP (owning a pathetic alliance player for ganking one of my alts, Arena, BG and of course, duelling outside Orgrimmar)

Ribb being a good match because i'm undead.
Ribb also being ideal because in pvp a rogue is more or less "ribbing" their oponent.

But anyway! As far as advice goes for names, whether it's for a rogue or any other class.
Base the name around your character's race, talent tree and what you will be using your character for.

Two names I am most proud of would be my 85 rogue - Ribb
And my alt feral druid - Bullshift
The name Onikage means Demon Shadow. Oni (Demon) Kage (Shadow). I got the name from the Tenchu: stealth assassin's videogame series, he was one of the main villains. I thought the name was fitting for a rogue.

I purposely spelled my Onikagi incorrectly because most people mispronounce the Kage as "cage" which is wrong. It is to be pronounced "Coggy".
I say Steve. Steve is a solid name.
I've probably got a good spare one in my Pockets somewhere... :s
Waldo posted earlier, by far (imo) the best name. Also saw a gnome rogue named Spy, loved it. Those are my top 2.
how about waldo or whereswaldo
How about "Blush," since most people spell our class as "Rouge" and not "Rogue"?
Seriously? Another one?

!@#$ Summer, Brings all the retards to the forums.

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