[A] Evenfall 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M

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Raid Time: 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. CST
Raid Days: Monday - Tuesday
Faction: Alliance
Server: Sargeras
Raid Size: 10 Man
Current Tier Progression: 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M
Website: http://evenfall.wowlaunch.com/

<Evenfall> is seeking active players who love all aspects of progression raiding. Loot should be viewed as an added bonus. As a team we are dedicated to PvE raid progression. Decisions within the guild in regards to raid destinations, raid composition and loot are made as a guild to promote unity and togetherness.

As a member of this guild you are expected to communicate clearly and remain active in guild related discussions to ensure we maintain a drama free atmosphere that runs smoothly. Ventrilo must be installed and you must have a working microphone and headset. Communication is key, so you are required to have the means to do so!

We maintain a drama free atmosphere inside and out. Players are expected to be respectful and courteous to all players regardless of their guild tag in order to maintain a positive viewpoint within the community. This expectancy extends to forum posts and PuG raids/groups. We want to appear professional while leaving a light footprint in our community.


Be competitive while maintaining brain cells. WoL ranks are great, but standing in fire to get them is not! Poor raid performance can and will lead to you being replaced if not fixed.
Be reliable. Show up to raid on time and ready to pull. If you are unable to commit to our schedule consider looking elsewhere. If you are unable to make a raid please let us know prior to the raid so we can plan ahead.
Ability to accept constructive criticism. We all make mistakes and raid leadership will notice these mistakes. It's nothing personal, so take the criticism with your chin up and fix the problem.
No Drama. Self explanatory. Our no drama policy is there for a reason and it is enforced.
Have a headset and microphone. While we don't expect you to talk our ears off we do expect you to have the means of communicating during high pressure moments in an encounter.
All players must apply to the guild. Your application is private and only our raiders and officers can view and comment on it. If you are unable to complete a professional application do not expect a response. If you aren't able to put time into selling yourself to us as a guild we will not take the time to even review the application. Long answers are encouraged, but please avoid wall of text posts. Paragraphs were created for a reason! If you aren't able to show some personality and desire in your application another qualified applicant who does will likely be accepted over you.

Social and PvP members are also accepted and required to follow our no drama policy. If you are interested in becoming a social member please contact any of our members so that you can be directed to a raider or an officer.

Please contact one of the following members for more information: (Real ID requests should include a message that states you are interested in the guild so we know who you are!)
Deskfan (BThomas#1749)
Souske (Souske#1713)
lol at madness i know we got it nerfed but still nothing compared to spine
Didn't log kill because I'm so pro.
06/13/2012 09:44 PMPosted by Czarnick

Ty, you're 8/8 in my book Nick.
Get those apps in. People are looking to take time off all the time so spots are open for good candidates.
06/13/2012 09:48 PMPosted by Thorin
Ty, you're 8/8 in my book Nick.

Awww thanks.
Bored and bump.
Been ret pvping lately. Seems like fun, hits a lot harder than prot post vengeance nerf. Now if only I were a little better at support.
Thorin never sleeps, he's a wizard.
I wonder what trainmeplox said. Still awake. I wish I knew why.
Farmed a bit for no reason. Looking for an 80+ horde to help me get WG ranger so I can get the meta.
30 warmaster kills and still no shield. Anyone selling it?
I let this fall to page 2. For shame.
Thorin go to sleep baby.
We got another agi dagger on H madness cuz thats what everyone needs. WTB loots that don't suck quite as much !@#.

What else?
hunter staff

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