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Already have an ele shaman, tho I guess I wouldn't be opposed to having 2 of them.

also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlZgRR58vC8&feature=youtu.be
Psh, what kind of recruitment officer lets our post fall off the first page? Honestly disappointing.
05/27/2013 07:41 PMPosted by Rylle
what kind of recruitment officer lets our post fall off the first page?

The worst kind.
Boomkins don't exist.
Boomkins don't exist.

Apparently not. Would love one with either a tank or healer OS though.
Let me know when the turtle is dead, not just because turtle soup is delicious but I need to consult with your DK to go over reasonable song choices for the kill video.
Its pretty unlikely he chooses anything not cringe-worthy, but you are welcome to give it a try.
Great place to raid! Sorry for the LEi Shen on Monday:p
Sorry for the LEi Shen on Monday:p

I think that was more just people being uncomfortable with the strat moreso than anything being wrong with it, but w/e it ended up dead.
Went on a rant today for pretty much zero reason. I yelled at a dps in guild about people playing tanks and stuff, but he shouldn't have been a Heat fan, so its on him. If you would like to hear me yell at people that are not you, apply now.
Killed a warbringer and it dropped a mount I already had. Talked to my co-tank about it and he had 3 ambers in a row at one point. Why?
Thorin is related to Snookie.
Thorin is related to Snookie.

Rylle's the one from Jersey. Still looking for a boomkin and possibly a healer or tank.
Thorin is related to Paula Dean. Don't worry he isn't racist.
Hmm Paula Dean is a new one. I'm not really a southerner so I guess thats a bust too buddy.

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