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The only requirement for joining Evenfall is that you have 12k + achievement points.
We let you in when you only had like 8k, but Memo is way up there now.
02/09/2013 12:04 AMPosted by Thorin
We let you in when you only had like 8k, but Memo is way up there now.

You remember, oh Thorin you do care!
Evenfall is still looking for a Mage or anything that resembles a Mage in the slightest.
Nick knows our recruitment needs better than I do.
Nick is my slave name, call me Czar...I've been telling DV that since day 1.
Czar is a title not a name.
It's a lifestyle.
Umm no, also we are pretty open to dps apps at this point. If you've cleared normal or come pretty close to it, I'd love to talk to you.
I'll send all the dps peeps I pass by in Stormwind to you Thorin.
If you join, I can valor cap you on Tuesdays if you want. DPS ppl anyways.
valor cap = spank
You haven't seen me pull heroics. I assure you its quite a bit of stupidity, but I don't really need a healer so w/e.
Is there a recruitment thread with more Czarnick in it than this one? I highly doubt it.
Nope, but I think Girth's guild recruitment and Lifebinder's Handmaiden & Pureblood Firehawk sales threads are my next closest.

Oh also I have an update on Danaripride, he went back to Arthas Horde.
I miss Silhouette.
Always Rogues or MW Monk!!
Lost a healer. So there's a spot for at least one.
Ahh, I'm Windwalker, It's tough finding a guild recruiting my spec. :/
Opening recruitment to all. Submit an app and we'll see what we can do.

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