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Bump for missing raid tonight.
Roster is full, all, tyvm for your apps.
Lost a healer. Would love a disc priest so Raisin can stop switching, or a monk healer.
Oh no your back to recruiting. :'(

after looking over Evenfall's guild description I am VERY interested in being considered for recruitment. But judging by your current roster on WoWProgress it looks like you're full on pallys/conq token. Regardless, I want to express my interest in Evenfall in case something can be worked out or a spot opens up.

Long story short just another victim of a guild disbanding. I used to run with <Sunder> and we were 9/16H pre 5.2 and 7th on server before we fell apart. I am no stranger to progression raiding, as well as the responsibility, commitment and joy that comes hand in hand with progressively tackling and downing content. I always show up for raid early and ready to contribute. I learn the fights, study the fights and am always ready to share with the team on what me and my pally can bring to the table each week. I am very open to constructive criticism. In fact I thoroughly enjoy discussing almost everything Pally with other folks who are equally familiar with the class!

I must say though I have not done any of the ToT fights yet as I only decided to pick up WoW again a couple of hours ago, but I will be getting to know each fight after I leave this message. For what its worth I am a redonculously quick study and it only takes me 1-2 attempts to know a fight well.

It is my personal belief that I make a great addition to any raid team, and it is my genuine hope that I can tryout for yours! I am going to hold off my other applications for now until someone can give me a yes/maybe/no. Thanks so much for taking the time to read up till this point hope to hear from you soon.

- Jeri
I'm sure Thorin will main swap for you!
I've offered before, but it looks more like Souske would be the one swapping. Like you said we are somewhat heavy on conq atm, but that doesn't mean something can't be worked out. Get in touch with Souske if you can, I believe his btag is in the OP, and see what he says. I likely won't be online to talk today or tomorrow until late.
Sounds good, I've sent requests to both your btags listed
Leveling a new char just for you Thorin.
Hello! I'll be submitting an app and very interested in joining this team! I'm currently on Stormrage but will be transferring shortly. Responding to:

Looking forward to it.
Transfer is complete!
Welcome to Sargeras.
4 Progression kills this week. Starting HMs soon.
Grats on Lei Shen!

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