Its confirmed :p Blizz may not have said it but based on thier past its confirmed unles they say otherwise so buy now!!!!! ;D
Hey, i might be interested if you still have a spot open ill try and contact you in game!
You all better think twice on this... because if you find a guild selling these mounts cheaper and let Xlord know you'd rather save some gold, he'll throw a fit, right click your name and hit "ignore."
No I ignored you because for two weeks you jerked me around by not accepting real-id invites, not showing up for raids because "someone else" played your toon and did DS and generally acting shady. Then while you are doing spine, you whisper me and tell me you aren't going this week. So after two weeks of dealing with your shenangins, first week you just don't show up and message me at about 11 server on your day, and then you whispering me to tell me you wont be going this week 1 day before your day again, so we have to scramble to find a buyer. And after I told you I figured you were going to do this you reply "You don't have to be a #%!% about it." I have no tolerance for people like you.
how much just for FL mount
100k last i heard
ill take your 8/12 spot if its still open. I do have pve gear I just logged out in my pvp stuff.

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