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wintergrasp bosses are now soloable too.
they will require a little bit more gear.
So here's my solo list of every day/ week. i start and go in this order.

Strat service entrance.
Sethekk Halls.
Obsidium santum 10 or 25.
eye of eternity.
Utgarde keep.
Stone core...easy solo for me anyway, i usually stop at slabhide and run out and reset.
Vortec pinnacle...again an easy solo for me...should be all easy for all dks with a mastery build
And mt was already there from other posts.
Now the hardest but still solo able is 85 zg...It takes work and practice...but with my build i walked thru it in 24.59 minutes for the amani brown bear
I've solo'd Slabhide in Stonecore for the Blue Stone Drake; Still working on Altairus for North Wind Drake.. sucker doesn't want to drop. :\ Both are done in Normal modes.
well you guys must be doing it wrong ive been doing it since cata preety much every week if you do the run a cercain way its easy ano only takes 15 to 20 mins max

You know this was from August 2012 right? You know, from BEFORE MoP launched when people were still 85.
Voa when controled by horde in winters grasp for the Black war mammoth
as i said i have been doing this since cata its is easy
trick to pheonix run is to space out the time you have to fight each boss add
if you have to fight them all at once even at 90 you will wipe

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