(A) Digital Power ,25 Man lfm HOF/Terrace

Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Digital Power is Recruiting for Late Night Mop 25 man progression. Currently 6/6 25 msv and 2/6 HOF working on Garalon and lf any who can make our raid times.

Raid Times :
Tuesday 1145pm - 3 AM Pacific standards/server time
Wednsday 1145pm-3am Pacific standards/server time
Thursday 1145pm-3am Pacific standards/server time

10 Man
Sunday 1145pm-3am Pacific Standards/server time
Monday 1145pm-3am Pacific Standards/server time

Current Recruitment needs are as followed:
Disc Priest/holy priest
Restoration Shaman

Shadow Priest

ALWAYS recruiting exceptional Raiders so feel free to apply if not listed above

Apply at Digitalpower.shivtr.com or message one of the following in game

Contact Information:
Wiztek (GM) Real ID: mtkaiido@gmail.com
Oken (Officer)
kisshot (Officer)
Please go online at Kil'jaeden and feel free to speak to any of the above about guild via real id chat or toon to toon. Also feel free to leave an app in my ingame mailbox and a way to get ahold of you if you are from another server :)
bump for epic loots
Hey there

you need a DW DK I m 6/8HM Exp
LF 8/8 DS progression and MOP
hey we are definitly interested.. atm we are building our core 25 man and looking for exceptionally experienced players hit me up in game or add wow@resultgaming.com to your real id
bump for pandaria content!
bump for more heroic progression!
bump for update on recruitment
friends and family accepted.. add mtkaiido@gmail.com to real id for questions or concerns.. all classes and specs accepted
I have multiple toons that would love a Home with a Late Night Raiding spot:

404 Ret paladin with 395 Tank set and a 390 Holy set 6/8 Heroic DS
404 Rogue with legendary daggers also 6/8 Heroic DS
395 Hunter
395 Feral dps/tank druid

My raid team was disbanded due to personal and scheduling conflicts. I am adamant about knowledge of class and abilities and have a great work ethic. I just have an awkward schedule which makes your raid times work perfectly as I am PST as well.

Logs for paladin:

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