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TLDR: Wouldn't want you to miss a chance by not wanting to read the long post, but it's a good read if you do, heres the summary though. We're a group of ex raiders from all expansions and vanilla, some more experienced than others. I'm offering people a chance to raid heroic content in MoP, if you've got what it takes to raid competitively. Though, we are accepting anyone who would like to play in a new community that isn't full of trolls :). If you want a shot at heroic raiding in MoP, then look no further, the best players will be chosen to tackle content. I will schedule raids for others. For more info, visit and post an application on our forums or use the wowstead one. Thanks.

So you must've clicked this thread since you want to come back to heroic progression raiding? If you didn't then feel free to tag along with us anyways!

We are a newly established guild, comprised of veteran raiders and a little bit of newblood. Our goal is top 25 US, if you're doubting me now, just read a little longer and you won't be.

The guild is in search of players who love to play WoW and raid the hardest content currently open to us. We rerolled on Shadowmoon Horde 6/14/2012 and will be searching for great players up until MoP. Yes it's a reroll guild. I plan to keep it alive for a long time too, not to mention I've already got amazing people working with me. We also welcome transfers who want to raid, but are bothered with the 1-85 content(totally understandable). The guild is currently in need of skilled players of all classes, play what you raid best on!

Guild Information:
-Horde Reroll Guild Created 6/14/2012 on Shadowmoon
-Intent to push hard into MoP heroic raid content
-Recruiting phenomenal players and anyone who thinks they can raid also
-Mature(Not 18+ but be able to handle yourself)
-Fantastic members, we are all putting our bests into ensuring the guild's success
-Raid Times: 9 PM - 12 AM EST Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
-Private guild website and ventrilo server

Raiding is a core aspect of the guild but it's also about recreating the community that made everyone fall in love with WoW. Playing through the game is infinitely better when you have a good guild of people doing the same thing with you. We always have new members for you to play with so no one should feel left out. is our website and will be the place to be when you decide to join us in obliterating MoP raiding. All I ask of you is to simply go onto our forums and fill out an application, or even use the build in wowstead one. Registering there is quick and easy, it's not annoying like most websites. Applying takes all of 5 minutes or less and then you get to join us in our eventual conquest of MoP.

If the website can't answer questions you have then feel free to whisper Traydmark on Shadowmoon whenever I'm on to talk to me. is my real ID.

Thanks for reading.
We are really going strong. There is a group of us already working on our rerolls! Come join the fun!!!
Bump It Up!
Bump bump bump, I'll be back on later tonight and will fully answer all questions and respond to all apps!
We are up and running! Guild is shaping up nicely. All interested please feel free to visit the website!
Come one come all. Lets have some fun!
If you're a good raider and never had a home, this is your chance.
to the top!
Hey, i would be interested in joining your guild, i just applied on the guild website and posted in the applications section.
Come on everyone join us

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