25 DS Heroic Mount Sale Sale

Area 52
its a waste of money just find a group and do it your self
Book me for your next opening please. Id be interested in run + gear, 402 Ret. Not sure if it matters but my main is a 407 8/8H ret, so I'm experienced enough on all encounters to do what ever you need me to.
06/18/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Moboborson
All I have to do is be top dps 3 fights and its 25k? If so I'd take you guys up on this offer!

Yes. You get all the cake assignments as well.

So if i cheese meters every fight it'll be even less? B&T warriors go balls deep when padding on madness/spine and then I only have to win one more fight for a 25k full clear? Is there an opening this week?
go away wigg I'm trying to cheese my way in, even though I'll probably fail and still pay 50k;p
We are booked until 7/5. For that raid, we are still taking bids. Our current bidder is paying 100k for just the run + gear, no drake.

We will put you in queue and let you know about future dates.

I'm only locking in 2 weeks in advance. Anything beyond that, we hold your information and will get back to you about openings. We are also requiring a 20% deposit to hold the spot once locked in.

Oh, and cheese away.
Completed our first run last night. Worked out some kinks and got it done. Gratz to Phazed on 4 Heroic Tier Pieces, a Caster Belt, and 2 (COUNT UM!), TWO, freaking caster (Maw + Rath) weapons off DW. What a lucky guy.

We have changed some of the prices/items. We are suspending sale of the mount for the time being.

Also makes me wanna PVE... Grats to those participating and actually separating themselves from the undesirables and bads of the server.

I do raiding on my Alliance side, but I do want to get my horde alt a run. Do you still do this service?
Yes we do. We do 25's now though. So more loot to choose from.
No guarantees gurth would drop. you'd have to pay at least 50k for the madness kill and then maybe no dice on loot.
Updated prices/items.

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