25 Man 8/8 H DS LF exceptional players.

We continue to bolster our roster with solid gamers that have like minded attitudes of downing content and being the top 25M guild on the Proudmoore server and one of the top 25M guilds in US. Our raiding goals for MoP are 25M Server 1st and US 200. If you think you have what it takes to be part of a guild with these goals then check us out at and drop an app.

Website : www.dishonorelite.com
Raid times : Tues through Thurs 7-11 PST
Contact : Dravenor, realid: Billyg9272@yahoo.com
Still searching....
Still accepting apps.
Still on the lookout for solid raiders. Core spots are available.
apps in ! <3
Hey Saf, got your app, check back for comments and further questions. Great app btw.
Replied! <3
Still looking for solid raiders for 25 Man progression come MoP.
Still searching.
As players start to filter back from vacations and other gaming ventures we are picking up some quailty folks and always on the lookout for more. We run a 25M full H DS clear every tues. Drop an app for the opportunity to be part of a progression oriented 25Man raiding guild.
Still in search of like minded gamers to dominate 25 man raiding come MoP on the Proudmoore server.
ele shaman with a resto offspec would be quite desirable
Looking for all classes / roles / spec!
Bumps for ranged dps!

I would like to see a tank app or two!!!
Looking for tanks, ranged dps, and exceptional applicants to fill our roster for MoP!
LF more exceptional ranged dps, a tank, and healer.
Still searching for healers and ranged classes, especially Shadow Priest, Warlocks, Boomkin, Ele Shaman. Also would like to see apps from a strong ret pally and Enh Shaman. All are welcome to apply no matter the class as we are always looking for exceptional players.
Looking for exceptional healers and ranged classes! Apply for MoP!

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