[H] <Unholy Ascension> wants you!

We are a level 20 [almost 21 woots!] guild, starting to get a core group together for raiding. We want to hit DS with a vengance, get our name across the board before MoP releases.

Our group is a crazy bunch; we get down to business though, when its time. We want people who are wanting to be a part of a guild, who want to find a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

We are projecting our raid times to be [Tues/Wednesday/Thursday] from 8:00PM-10PM. We will expect you to be gemmed/chanted. If help is needed, depending on resources, we do try to help our guildies with such things, knowing how tight financials can be.

Looking for a PvP flavor instead? We want to branch into that as well! We are looking to build an RBG team. Would like to find a geared/experienced Boomkin/S-Priest/Warlock/Disc priest, at the very least, to get some guild RBG's out of the way. Times will be decided once we get the majority of the group together. Leader is 1600+ experience [Aubrea or Drazdyn will be in charge of the RBG aspect].

Have alts? Need a place to call home? We offer that too!

If you have any questions, whisper in game Aubrea/Tigglesprock/Reanna/Boomtanker/Drazdyn for info, or an invite!

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