Please help me with my Rogue

Hello, i am a combat rogue and i really need help with managing his DPS in PvE. i manage 8k average DPS! i looked up the rotations and everything i need to be a combat Rogue and it still wont work. i've asked dozens of online players and still wont work.

my rotation is:
Sinister strike until 3 CP > SnD > Sinister strike until 4CP > Revealing Strike > Eviscerate.
then i do Adrenaline rush or killing spree depending on the situation. i always keep my Slice N Dice up 24/7.

i really dont know what is happening. PLEASE look at my gear and see what is the problem and post below.

feel free to tell me anytime and tell me what's up with the low DPS :)
Part of your problem is you are using a dagger in your main hand. If you were using one of the three phases of the legendaries, that would be okay because they added a buff for combat. But, without those, you should be using a 2.6 speed 1-hand axe/sword/mace in your main hand. Also, are you using the right poisons, if any at all? If I remember correctly it should be Instant MH and Deadly OH.

here are SOME of the issues that I can see with what you're doing.

- - - GEAR - - -

- No enchants on any gear
- Mixture of PvE and PvP gear
- Hit chance is a bit high. You've got about 17.5% spell hit chance, which is .5% higher than needed.
- As Tonythetank said, a MH mace/axe would do more damage than a dagger. Daggers are good for Sub/Mut dps, but not for Combat. Combat Rogues want a MH weapon with a speed of 2.6 or higher (which there isn't anymore). These weapons drop from Madness of Deathwing (No'Kaled, BiS) as well as from Ultraxion and Morchok (?).

- - - POISONS - - -

- You want to use Instant Poison on the Main Hand, and Deadly Poison on the Off Hand (again, as Tonythetank stated). You want to put Mind Numbing on your throwing weapon for fights like Madness.

- - - ROTATION - - -

- Your rotation should be SLIGHTLY different than it is right now. Instead of SS > 3 CP, start like this:
1. SS x 1
2. SnD **EDIT** You want SnD up ASAP that's why you start with only one SS to build it. If you were sub, you'd get SnD up before the fight even started with premeditation.
3. Killing Spree
4. SS x 2
5. SnD
6. Adrenaline Rush > SS (to 4 CP) > RS > Evis.

The reason you use Killing Spree so early is so that your Adrenaline Rush will aid in quickly removing its CD. Use KS off CD (there's no reason to use it specifically on AOE adds anymore, since Bladeflurry does more damage in the turn of the quick Add burst phases like on Yor'sahj, Warmaster, and Madness).

Hope this helps,
Quickdemise @ Blackrock
thank you :) you guys really helped alot!
Should ask Aidey to help you out dude.. o:
He is very helpfull :3
You should be more like my boyfriend, he's good. :)

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