[H] <Criticism>LFM MoP Raiders

Area 52
<Criticism> is a progression raiding guild on the Horde Side of Area-52 (PVE Server). Performance is key here. Any trial member that out-performs a raider will be replacing them. Every decision made by the leadership is made in order to drive the guilds progression.

Raid Schedule:
The current raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from (8:45 p.m. - 12 am. server). All raiding members are expected to be online and ready to go.


High: All classes at this time in preparation for Raiding in Mists of Pandaria

Trial need to know Information:

We require an Application either on our forum or sent privately to an officer.

Food and flasks are also provided in the form of Banquets and Flasks. If you do make raider status Enchants and Gems are provided by the guild bank as well as repair for Best in Slot Items.

If you feel like you have what it takes to do some great progression and have fun while doing it contact us:

Officer Valcross, Paladin (BattleTag: Valcross#1804)
Officer Moople, Druid (Real ID: Theurlachattack@hotmail.com)
Guild Master Disclosure, Priest
Officer Lurgretta, Hunter
Officer Ellisha, Paladin
OR put in an application at: http://criticism-area52.enjin.com/home

Thank you and Hope to chat with you soon,

Officer for Criticism
Now Officially 8 of 8 HM Come Apply for Pandas and some Dragon Soul :D
8/8H ftw!
Savior of Azeroth, more like GRIP IN FIVE NINE BLOODS PULL THE AMALG AAAAHHH amirite?
grip now?
grip in 5
Mages and Pallies auto block/bubble!
!@#$ers killed Deathwing without me. :(
Be my friend?
k who would want some stinky warlocks :)
Would love a Boomy!
Deathwing took my eye... I took his jaw. >>
I've been here before...
Hello there

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