<In Other News> 25M Recruitment

<In Other News> is a 25 man raiding guild that transfered in June 2012 to Stormrage after a 6 month break.

We are recruiting for our one 25 man raid team. Our current needs are experienced DPS, Heal or two, and 1 Tank.

Current Progression:
4/6 MV 25
1/6 HoF 25

Raid schedule:
Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday- 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm. EST server time.

Guild website: ivraid.com

Our roots are in 25s. We raided all content in BC, Wrath and Cata. We stayed within the top 10 on our old server.

We are a small knit guild of players who have been raiding together for several years (4+). We treat people fairly, w/ respect and expect it from our members in and out of guild. We do not tolerate drama or the like.

Currently supplying guild repairs and vent server.
Recruiting adult players of all levels and classes atm.

Casuals are welcome. We do enjoy a social environment and many of our members do various things within the game through out the day. Dailies, scenarios, dungeons, etc, etc...

For invite or any questions, please contact me in-game. Midevilwitch, Feardotcom or Muphrid.
We're acquiring a good bunch of folks, currently at 51 accounts and growing.

LF Heals, tank and DPS to start running FL and DS twice a week while we wait for MoP.

Apply on website ivraid.com or contact Midevilwitch or Feardotcom in-game.
We plan to start running DS again next week.

Raid days/times:
Wednesday & Friday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm.

Still some open spots for 25 man. Get in at ground level. 383 item level to start raids.

We are also running LFR as a guild on Tuesdays, to help gear members.

Accepting all levels and classes atm.
Still recruiting. Could use good tanks and more DPS for DS.

Accepting all atm.
Currently full on Mage, Shaman and Rogues. But will still take these classes in as casual players.

Main tank spot available and several spots for DPS. We have no DKs and Hunters atm for our raid team. (I know, that's kinda weird.)
We think the tank spots have been filled.

LF Pally Heals and DPS. DKs, Hunters, Lock, Warrior for our raid group. All classes and levels welcome as casuals.
Still open recruitment.
Also LF a resto druid.
All raid spots available, except mage, rogue and shadow priest. But will take in anyone that wants an adult guild.
Hello Mid , I will be ready come tuesday if you still need a tank I am finalizing my last few heroic bosses in DS that day . I can bring either tank if you still need one for heroic pst me ingame , I have starllite available now. But remember heroics she is only 6/8 in ds
Still ranged spots open in our raid roster.

Casuals of all levels and classes welcome.
Current raid roster is full on Warriors, DK, & Mage. Tanks spots are also full.

LF Heals & Ranged DPS for our raid team.

Still accepting all levels and classes atm.
I will be on tonight and will talk to you then. Looking to switch my Spriest and DK to this server possibly and looking for a decent guild and your raid times seem ideal for what i am looking for. I would prefer to play the DK but I see you guys are currently full on DK so we can talk about the Spriest if you still need any of those. I pretty much took most of Cata off from raiding but used to raid fairly hardcore all the way through WotLK.

Anyway will chat ya up in game later.
Still having open recruitment for all levels.
Raid group is in need of Healers and Ranged DPS. Ele shaman, Moonkin a big plus.
LF adult players that want a mature guild to call home. Currently building progression raid team for MoP.
Welcome to all that have joined! Looking forward to hitting MoP head on.

Open recruitment for MoP. Currently running DS 25 to keep busy and get to know new members.
Ilvl 392 arms war, have prot OS, 3/8H.

If interested add me to realid supersruzz@hotmail.com.

Also, thinking of switching MS to prot come Mists, if you are interested in that at all.
Fun, Mature, Casual but focused progression guild.

Come and join us!
Hi Crazy,
We have several warriors in guild that are raiding and planning to carry over to MoP. No raid spots available for warriors atm, but if you are looking for a home, we'd be happy to have you. Contact me in-game if interested or even one of our officers Muphrid, Lexiir, Feardotcom.

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