[H] Shockers - 5/8H 10 man

Shockers is a lvl 21 guild. Our core group is 5/8H and currently working on Heroic: Warmaster Blackhorn.
Raid times are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:00-9:00pm PST.

We are looking for reliable, dedicated, and mature players that have the drive to play their class/role to its fullest (taking the initiative to learn boss encounters, studying their class, etc.) and patience for progression fights.

We are currently recruiting one ranged dps for our core 10 man group.
We are looking for:
Ele Shaman
Shadow Priest

- Appropriate gear reflecting heroic progression.
- Proper gemming, enchanting, and reforging.
- Experience with heroics up to the fight we are currently progressing on (and research on fights thereafter).
- Ventrilo (mic is a definite plus)
- Attendance is a high priority as we like to push HM progression and having to pug really throws a wrench in the works (low attendance will result in being replaced).
- Just as important as attendance is being on time for raid, the earlier the better (the later we get started due to waiting on people the less time we have for progression).

Flasks, food, and repairs are provided for our raiders.

Contact Info:
RealID: Youarethegoodthings@yahoo.com
Still need a ranged dps.
Still looking! :)
Just a quick bump. Elizadeath is pro.

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