Best dps pet for survival?

I was wondering what the best possible dps pet would be for survival, right now i'm using the 5% crit pet.
It depends what buffs/debuffs are already covered. If you're missing the cat(str/agi buff) or dragonhawk/windserpent(+8% spell dmg taken debuff) buff, I'd bring those.

FD simmed the cat buff being the highest personal dps gain for me.

If every pet buff is already covered, bring a sporebat.
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The best pet is a ferocity pet.

Not always. Cunning pets actually do pretty good, better according to the situation. The main selling point on ferocity pets is Call of the Wild.
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just as long as you have all the other debuffs/buffs.

Even debuffs aside.
I use a kitty or a wolf hard to go wrong with them two.
Sporebat. Always bring a sporebat.
I keep a cat, dragonhawk and turtle with me at all times (Don't hate on the turtle) plus a corehound for when I feel like BM'ing.

If you're in a 25-man, or even a well put together 10-man, the buffs will be covered. In that case I've always parsed highest with my cat but my dragonhawk is only a few hundred DPS down.
The top 3 buffs SV needs (in order) are

549 Agi/Str (Cat)
8% Magic dmg (Dragonhawk/Wind Serpent)
5% Crit (Wolf)

Always make sure you have at least those 3 pets and use them to fill in the gaps. The other 2 buffs that still help (although not nearly as much as those 3) are Sunders (Raptor) and 4% Physical dmg (Ravager).
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I simmed myself with ferocity and cunning pets. I lost 600 dps from going from a ferocity pet to a cunning pet. Can you please tell me how and when that 600 dps could be made up from the cunning pet?

I haven't played my hunter seriously in a long time, but aren't cunning pets better pet damage, but worse damage for the hunter? So a situation that would arise would be when you can't DPS the target as much as the pet. It's kind of rare, but it does happen.

Course I could be thinking of BM pets back in WoTLK or something with wolf vs Trex
If you change the settings on FD, mainly the "% of Fight Time Spent in Feeding Frenzy Range (<35%)" setting, as well as the total fight length, you'll see just how powerful a cunning pet can be in certain situations. Typically, I noticed ferocity pets were more useful in shorter fights(1-2 mins), whereas cunning pets were better for longer fight lengths (5+ mins). Call of the Wild was likely the reason for this.

Just fool around with the settings and you may get some interesting results.

Edit: Which brings me to my next point. How and when would that 600 dps loss be made up from the cunning pet even though they only have a 100 dps lead on the ferocity with my sic 'em and go for the throat procs?

At lower gear levels the gap between ferocity and cunning was much smaller, because we couldn't sustain full wild hunt for ferocity. At current gear levels the gap is significant (although it's still worth bringing one if a buff is missing).

The one case where you would want to use a cunning pet for a dps gain (at least for part of the fight) is where there is a significant low % burn period where you can take advantage of feeding frenzy.

Note that if an opportunity arises you can always swap pets after call of the wild to either get out another call of the wild pet or a cunning pet depending on your needs. Whether this is a dps gain depends on the circumstances and when you do the swap .
To be totally honest I enjoy spiders because they do some good damage and the 5% crit buff is always on due to there being a feral druid I play with constantly, that and also I've got all but 1 of the hunter challenge spiders because in my opinion Skitterflame looks lame :)
I use 4-5 different pets depending on what I or the group I'm in needs.

1. Wolf - 5% crit
2. Cat - agi and strength
3. Turtle - damage reduction
4. Bear - 10% physical damage
5. Serpent - 8% spell damage taken

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