(H)Notorious is LFM!

Notorious is a new Casual PVE guild to Zuljin, created by a few like minded folks from a different server.

We are currently looking to fill our roster and resume our Progression in Heroic DS 10 and well into MOP. Before the transfer we stood at 5/8H and are looking to finish up DS before the end of the expansion. Will more than likely be a weekend raid. 8-12 pm server, Sat and Sun.

We are currently excepting any classes and roles into our guild and hope to be raiding soon. IF you have further question Please hit me up in game with a mail or a whisper!
Weclome to ZJ
I realise you are just getting started but what raid times are you "aiming" for? evenings/late night/weekends/etc?

Zaijin! Dude I have limited to no internet service. Still working some stuff out but I should be back Aug 4th - 5th. Don't give up on me!
Take your time sunshine, hope everything is going well.
Hey Zaijin. I am a 397 Hunter with 3/8H killed interested in your guild. Feel free to message me in-game with questions. :)

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