Guild for Sale

Yes, it is true, I am selling my guild.

Everyone has left for other servers, or for D3, or for Alliance.

So I'm going to join some friends.

Guild is Level 25, assorted achievements, inspect the guild to see what.

About 60 odd members left, if you are interested in weekly gold.

Pst me or post on here.

Cheers all, Cosma.
Coming to Alli or changing realm?
I haven't decided :(
Avengers, Disassemble
ill buy pm me
06/17/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Miirkat
Coming to Alli or changing realm?

Cosma will be coming to alliance.
Just don't take away Iona!
Sugarfree - Message me in game, I'm not always on, but keen to sell.

Orchitis - Cosma does consider.

Spliff - I will never abandon Horde, exclaimed Iona.
Going to try for 250k, or nearest offer, pst me here or in game.

Guild has 1180 achievement points, so it isn't TOO NUBLET.
i love you does that count? :)
To buy my guild or buy my heart??
your heart ofc
Guild for nude pics. Deal?

Tempting, but I'll take 250k.

We would like to extend an invitation to you and your casual members to our online community. Providing they seek a new home and guild.
And I used to respect SPG.
@ Groot We appreciate your respect, but we feel its only fair to open doors to all the homeless if they wrong us or others then we escort them out.

Everyone deserves a chance.
bit tempting.
Thank you for your kind words Noxx, unfortunately not everyone on Frostmourne shows the same respect to a lady of my stature.

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