[H]Kismet lfm for heroic ds(10m)

Please view our new website as it has all relevent info kismet.zj.shivtr.com. We are looking for dedicated and fun members to re-fill our 10 man roster for ds heroics as well as get ready for MOP. Currently need 1 more dps, perfering warlock or warrior as we don't have either on our perminant roster. Any and all exceptional players should feel free to app if we share the same goals. We are not crazy hard core members but we do expect you to know your class and have gems/enchants etc.
Also looking for a healer to join our ranks.
If you need any more info feel free to whisper stylepoints, gracinia or myself in game, or feel free to post on our sites forums.
We are still looking for dps and healers, our raid times are Thurs/Fri/Sat 8:30-11pm server time.

Our new website is: http://kismet.zj.shivtr.com/, please ignore the mess, we are just moving in.

Thank you all :)
Still need a healer, pst Redhighhealz, Gracinia or Stylepoints in game or visit http://kismet.zj.shivtr.com/

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