DS H:6/8H. Need range dps.

Earthen Ring
Neckbeard Excursion is starting to run some heroics to get acquainted with the server and since most of the core raiders aren't here yet. : D

So, what we currently need for our heroic group is a range dps, (pref. a mage) but we'll take any range dps as long as you're not a hunter!

Last week, we downed 5/8H due to lack of heals, one shotting nearly everything with people that hadn't even done heroic fights before. All that we ask is that you have decent experience on the fights, and that your ilvl is exceptional.

The best of the lot of you that post for the position will be picked based on ability and gear.

Get at me in-game, or whisper Beardamus or Malitude. We'll let you know later today. : )

Thanks guys!
Yes we are looking for any solid ranged, I'm cool with two hunters... Just someone commit would recommend at the very least a ilvl of 397 and some heroic exp but anyone is welcome to inquire about the spot. If the dps is good enough we'll try spine heroic

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