Fire Mage on Beta

I wonder where Arcane stands numbers-wise with just 2 and 3 stack Arcane Charges. Can't be all that great. That's part of my problem though, is that I'm used to going to 4 every time.

I'm ambivalent at best about RoP. If we do an encounter retrospective here, here's what I think:


-Shannox: No - Traps spawn on players and the tanks will kite Shannox away from Riplimb a lot
-Beth: Maybe - As long as you're not on spiderlings/drones it'll work though the beginning of P2 is a big burn.
-Baleroc: Maybe - Have to move for countdown/soaking, could drop it on the clean ranged spot with mild success. There's no burn phase here particularly.
-Alysrazor: No - Works fine for the burn phase, but Invocation would be better to cast as the tornadoes are ending. Can also cast Evocation on the move with feathers.
-Rhyolith: No - Too much movement
-Domo: No - With a 0/7 strat (no scorpion slashes), there's too much movement during cat/flame orb/seed phases
-Rag: No - Works in a couple of phases, especially P4 in the frost patch, but the rest of the fight is a lot of movement. Having to move back after getting knocked back or being forced to move for smash/engulfing makes it much more penalizing. If I move for Smash, I'd rather just stay there and keep casting. Getting 1 meteor was also a huge burn.


-Morchok: No - Too much movement if you're soaking, and some knockbacks. Usually Fire on this fight for that reason.
-Warlord: Yes - Could see this working on this fight, though there's a pretty big burn phase at the end during the last black phase. I'd go Arcane for this fight every week if it wasn't for Cauterize soaking.
-Yorsahj: Yes - Works great here, though you'd probably want Invocation for Burst on adds.
-Hagara: No - Invocation for burst phase on Hagara, and you need to move for Ice Tombs/Ice Lance soaking. There's plenty of down time during the lightning phase to get an Evocation off.
-Ultraxion: Yes - The perfect RoP fight.
-Warmaster: No - Way too much movement.
-Spine: Yes - Great RoP fight.
-Madness: Yes - Works fine here too.

As you can see, a lot of comes down to fight mechanics. FL wasn't RoP friendly at all, but DS had some fights it could work on.

Here's what I'd suggest to make RoP more viable and fun:

-Increase the duration to last an entire encounter. The Demonic Circle for locks lasts 6 minutes. We should be able to plan where to drop a second Circle for certain movement phases, and have it actually last for when we get to that point, like the stack up for Warlord during Black Phases. There's hardly any forethought at all when you don't have to make the decision until its time.

-Make it instant cast or at least .5 sec like Demonic Circle, would be great for Arcane. It is an option to pick up Ice Floes, but I kinda want to have Scorch as a mobile filler sometimes. I love casting RoF on the move in Cata, and the cast time they're adding just makes it all clunky.
From the looks of Arcane and Fire are both going to be very situational on when you can use them and on what bosses. For instance Boss X will favor Arcane and Boss Y will favor Frost but any spec can get those bosses down.

Invocation will be used in fights where there are a few momments of downtime until quick ready burst simliar to spine while amalg casts Nuc Blast right before tendon or Right before adds appear in a transtion phase in Rag. But in things like Ulraxion RoP will be so much better. It'll all depend on the fight which I'm fine with. Anyone who raids srsly shouldn't get used to being Fire with this build for the whole raid night.

Raid Testing is coming out shortly and hopefully we'll have a bettere view for everything. Espically how often one would use RoP or invocation.

Fire Number wise seems to be very strong. Obvisly enough frost is weird now becuase it is still trying to transition but right now is really strong. Arcane is kinda low in PvE right now but mechanic wise I belive it can be all fixed and will be able to have everything work out like blizz wants it with picking between differnt talents and such. Very excited.

And people havn't even started speculating the crazy uses of Alter time yet ;)
From what I've seen fire looks amazing on beta, not talking about numbers here just the playstyle. I've always found fire to be fun, but I hated the rng factor all through cata, and now in MoP it seems Bliz has effectively removed much of the annoying rng from the fire spec.
I'm concerned about the lack of glpyhs for fire related spells. I suppose there are enough general glpyhs to make up for it but it's still a little disappointing.

I'd like to see scorch become our second fire+frost spell since its now affecting fingers of frost and either spec has access to it's cast-while-moving goodness

Frost Bomb ironically seems like the worst bomb to use if you are spec'd frost due to how brain freeze procs.
"Is Mage mana regen intended to increase only with Haste Rating, or with total haste? At present, it appears that neither the Frost Armor 5% haste buff nor the 5% haste aura increase regen."

"Bug. Mage mana regen is currently scaling with melee haste instead of spell haste like it should be. That will be fixed in a future build."

Well, that should help Arcane a bit when fixed.
Tier 14 set bonuses are pretty weak.

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