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Now, it's been a fan theory that Elune was something of a Loa, only we have never seen ANY sign of Troll worship of the loa if indeed she were one.

Until now, of course (and by now I mean when I was totally on a anti-aquaman rant sitting alone in my car yelling at the top of my lungs about being the god damned batman).

I've always thought it odd that one of the Troll Legends focused on the moon so heavily.

Let's take a quick look at this legend.


A moon over the vale shines, casting its glow upon the jungle where proud warriors heed the call to defend our nation and sacred grounds. A moon over the vale shines far above the cries of battle where blood is spilled of foe and comrade alike. And when our brethren pass into realms beyond the known the soul-spirits hardens deep beneath the vale. And when our brethren pass into the mountain's temple we shall protect their eternal spirits encased within the holy blue crystal. And when our brethren pass a moon over the vale shines.

Elune isn't just a goddess of peace. She is the Night Warrior, a warrior goddess who casts her moon over battlefields via her priestess to strengthen those who worship her. She is also said to gather the souls of the dead and take them with her to the next world. They mention a mountain's temple and a holy blue crystal. A holy blue crystal? Inconceivable!


Gem of Elune was found floating above the reactivated Altar of Elune duringA [59] Guardians of the Altar which is started by Ranshalla. According to the Priestess of Elune it was used to communicate directly with Elune. It was once found in Winterspring, but since the Cataclysm, has gone missing.

And last but not least.

It's been a fairly substantiated bit of lore that Elune is fairly heavily connected to water elementals, even having a shrine dedicated to her in the Throne of the Tides, which is inside the elemental plane of water.

We see references to this from Darkshore, Desolace, and even Ashenvale where the water elementals are the guardians of an outpost.

Well, well, well. What do we have here?


And who did the Gurubashi worship? Hakkar the Soul-flayer? You don't say. Just so happens to be the only other being we know of who takes blood blood sacrifices in return for boons.

Thoughts? Opinions? Anti-Aquaman sentiments?
Hakkar is also labeled as one of those few gods :)

EDIT: Bah, someone deleted their post.
Aquaman is underrated (in continuities where C'thulu counts as sea life).

Thing is, "Loa" is known to be such a generic, catch all term when the Trolls use it (they'll even call Night Elven wisps loa in some circumstances) that, really, calling Elune a "Loa" is probably as accurate as it is meaningless.

Whisps are Loa. Har'koa's a Loa. Hakkar's a Loa. Bwansamdi's a Loa. Severed ghostly Night Elf Heads, trumped up cats, evil blood-snake-bird gods, Trollish death overlords... Every !@#$%^- thing the Trolls see as sentient and supernatural is a freakin' Loa.

Until they sit down and stratify what is, what isn't, and what constitutes a Loa, you can apply it pretty much everything. Would Elune be a Loa by the fast and loose standards Trolls seem to have for the word. Sure. Does that mean anything significant? ... meh.
By Loa, I was really more going in the direction of "Hey guys, here's a bit of supporting evidence that the Trolls did have some sort of worship of elune"

I've read that Moon poem before, I'm kicking myself for never making the connection.

I think the Stone of the Tides was something used by Min'loth the Serpent. After all, he did vanish after fighting Neptulon, and he wanted to control water.
So if she is a LoA, does that mean that Trolls are Proto-Elves or that Elves are mutated Trolls. Which does she look like? Are the statues accurate or do they just reflect Night Elven bias as to what she would look like?

Weren't Trolls also in star patterns in the Halls of Lightning?
06/15/2012 11:55 PMPosted by Desidarius
Weren't Trolls also in star patterns in the Halls of Lightning?

Yes, but so were Night Elves.

Night Elves are mutated Trolls. Elune could have changed her appearance after they mutated (I'm sure she can do that), or all we know about her appearance (What I believe is just a female nelf) could have been made by the Night Elves themselves.
Night Elves are confirmed to have mutated from Dark Trolls. Trolls themselves predate the Titans, and Ancients (which we assume are similar if not the same as Loa) are confirmed to spawn directly from Azeroth as it's own defense mechanism. Something similar to the Titans guardians only more natural.

Elune has no physical form, though she is assumed to look like the Night Elves due to most of her descendants having a distinct Night Elvish look, though Aviana is somewhat of a mystery here.

When looked at objectively it seems that most humanoid Ancients share a similar look to Night Elves, so it's possible that the ancients just took on the form of what we now see Night Elves as, and Elune just shaped Night Elves into looking like that to avoid the Well of Eternity from corrupting them into something else.

Also a theory is that while the Ancients directly spawned from Azeroth (though this is iffy as some were around before such as Malorne), the energy that spawned them was the overflowing arcane magics from the Well of Eternity. Basically, the large surplus of arcane gave form to abstract natural concepts and thus the Ancients were borne. The arcane mutation just happened to impart a certain look that humanoid ancients retained, and that explains the similar look to Night Elves and Elune.
Heh. You've found a few interesting sources here.

I think it's no surprise that I'm a proponent of the whole "Elune as a Loa" theory, but you've connected the dots in a very elegant kind of way.

Truth be told, I never really took the First Troll Legend for much.
Problem with this, is that Elune shows powers and behaviors that are beyond what any known troll Loa does.

Mutating their people. Her very presence suffusing a sense of peace to the point Velen relates it to a Naaru. Getting honky with a moose. Having a direct relation and being referenced to by beings such as Cenarius and/or Ysera. Being referenced to by other pre-titan cultures such as The Tauren in the legend of An'she. The Dryads, the Centaur, the Sons of Cenarius, the relationship with nature as seen in their magic that the Trolls lack...

We also see Blood Elves using an Elune artifact in Desolace with no problem. Which doesn't mean that "An Elune artifact can only be used by a Night Elf or someone who reveres Elune", also we see how the Forsaken were planning to use the Scythe of Elune. Plus it is also possible that the Altar of Elune that is found in the Throne of the Tides was brought there by many of the naga, which as we recall are mostly mutated Highborne.

I believe that if Elune is a Loa, she's the most powerful of them all, enough that she can simply be defined as a 'Goddess' herself (In the broad concept of a Loa where Loa is simply something supernatural and powerful).

If your point was to simply say "Trolls may have worshiped Elune before!" then I dunno. It's very iffy with just this. To me. but you know me. I never say anything useful.
My biggest contention is that Blizzard flat out listed Elune as the only true God/goddess on Azeroth.

Beings such as Hakkar and An'she weren't classified as gods. So, personally, while I don't think Elune physically is a loa, for the sake of troll catagorization, she might as well be one. Of course, as was pointed out befor,e pretty much anything can be a loa, it seems.

Can't find my source, but I definently recall it being brought up at one of the last Lore Panels

Hakkar is listed as a god.

Hakkar is listed as a god.

Bit dubius, but I never took his title of Blood God as being literal.
06/16/2012 05:41 PMPosted by Aurriastraza
Bit dubius, but I never took his title of Blood God as being literal.

Dubious? How is...

Not long ago, the priests of Hakkar the Soulflayer succeeded in summoning their hungry god physically into Azeroth

I was referring to the source. I always thought of Hakkar as a loa

Guess that's where things get fuzzy
A God can be a Loa. Hakkar is a Loa, but he is also a God.
I was referring to the source. I always thought of Hakkar as a loa

Guess that's where things get fuzzy

You know that the source is an official Blizzard one, right? The encyclopedia was part of the old site. Wowpedia just has it now.
I was referring to the source. I always thought of Hakkar as a loa

Guess that's where things get fuzzy

You know that the source is an official Blizzard one, right? The encyclopedia was part of the old site. Wowpedia just has it now.

No. Elune is not a loa, titan, naaru, old god or sha. She is a god, end of story. Why are you trying to ruin one of the few cool things Night Elves have left?

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