more H-FL @ 6PM on June 29

Aerie Peak
Good Afternoon/Morning fellow realm players.

Please see Post #3! for details of the 3rd FL run.

Any questions just post in this topic.

See post #3!
Good Afternoon,

This next run is a partial heroic/partial normal Firelands run with following weeks being more heroic kills only.

I will be doing this one as a partial Normal raid with the exception of Domo, who will be on heroic (fire kitty staff anyone?), Beth'tilac will be heroic and 2-healed, and Baleroc will be on heroic for more heroic kills practice.

Shannox, Rhyloth (last part of Delegation) and Alysrazor will be on normal for fast kills to allow for five pulls of Ragnaros on Heroic.

Nothing else is promised or reserved in this run, so if you need something please join.

Why join this raid?

Here's why:
1. Going to be working very soon on Heroic Ragnaros, so if you desire a shot at the mount but never attempted H-Rag this raid is for you to learn that fight.
2. Grinding my Fireland staff. I'll be doing Firelands ALOT, so if you are a rep hunter and need to max Avengers of Hyjal this is for you.
3. Transmog/previous tier BiS. Some of the trinkets in here, BOE gear, and patterns can still offer a slight boost to OS gear until replaced by DS gear, so this can run can help you.

Planning on doing Rhyloth on Normal just for the last and only part left for Delegation. Along with that we'll be doing the extra boss from the FL staff quest.

Keep in mind that Ragnaros is NOT an easy fight & we will do five pulls on him. Patience for at most five pulls is needed.

Any questions just ask. IF you are interesting in joining with the end goal of H-Rag join this run.

Please go to the following link:

There you can sign up to take part in learning some heroic firelands bosses.


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