[H]Heroic Rag Last chance

add me to real id so we can talk, but do you want like full heroic run not including last boss? or the meta achievement run? if its the meta achievement our price is 140k per meta run, if its just the heroic bosses it's 50k. but i'd be willing to negotiate.
If it's a full 8/8 and 7/7 heroic run, then it would be 120k per.
i value reins at 70k per
Always looking for more, and always willing to negotiate.
Still looking for more, add me and we can talk.
too bad your horde :(
07/23/2012 07:05 PMPosted by Râgequit
too bad your horde :(

To be more accurate it's " too bad you're not horde"
add me to read id and make me an offer i can't refuse.
Grenno's real id is omss4ever@hotmail.com

Mop in two months. Spots are limited.
We have a few more slots before Mop is released still
Still got more slots
Fire hawk still 100k?
or best offer.
looking to sell more
got a couple of slots left
Got a Heroic DW available for the week!
Got a heroic madness kill ready for tonight.
What time does the heroic madness kill start? I might be interested...
anytime you want it between 6-9 PST
Cool let's work something out then, 6PST would be perfect. What's a good e-mail address to reach you at?

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