LF Website Developer

LF Website Developer for Guild based website. Paying $$$
What type of website?
I have some experience with HTML, C#, asp.net.
If you have any rough design ideas I'd be more than willing to put together a bit of a prototype.

Hit me up in-game I'm on most afternoons between 6-12 ST.

EDIT: Feel free to email me at fuchsx@jordanfuchs.net btw!
Experienced in html5 php css and almost all cms installs like wordpress. joomla etc etc i also know how to upload the sites to servers, setup your hosting accounts and more

email me for more info samroucher@live.com
Your copy pasta skills are as good as my arena rating.
plane ticket please
Someone report this to the american E - Police.
i actually run a business that sells websites.
and i look after my own guild website.

hit me up in game or add my real id rick.tarrant@tpg.com.au

if u want.

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