Feral Kitty LF Raiding Guild RIGHT MEOW!

Feral Kitty LF active raiding guild to progress hms and prepare for MoP with. Tho this toon doesn't have a lot of progression on it I will say its bc I play a variety. I have a 5/8hm Disc Priest, 5/8hm Dk Tank, 4/8hm Ele Sham. I basically raid every day of the week. But out of all of these I enjoy my Druid the most but with his luck and his current 2/8hm, !@#$ty luck on gear drop as well (LOL =( no funny) I can't seem to land in a Competitive Raiding guild. Thanks to a few friends from Divide I was able to increase my feral knowledge and thus wish to improve and impress a Competitive Raiding that is in need of my ferocious appetite for Raiding. Thank you for listening to me jabber like a sally and hope for some aggressive responses.
Bump. Someone out there loves me. I hope =(
I guess no one needs a proactive, hilarious and might I say handsome raider on this server. Time to transfer to the Recruitment Forums. Bye Bye Zuljin =(

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