Let's get Ready to Ruuuuuuuumbbbbblllleeeeeee

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I love that you're the (dead) target of target in the winning screenshot posted up there.
That's almost like winning, right? :D

HAHA I didnt even notice that, I agree it is "almost" like winning, just without all the cool stuff.

My main goal during this event since I had no pvp gear was to just get a sweet pyro crit and spread a combust on everyone in the middle. I gotta say it worked well :)
Super late, but was there & was in vent when they said "Nice Razors" or whatever.

Grats to you.
I had fun watching, and seeing how many "strats" people had, lololol.

Y'all need to schedule something else like this!
Video of the event is up


Sadly the quality is not what I was looking for, my Machinima tool that I had set up way points and camera movements etc on....decided to crash less than 10 minutes prior to the event, and with the crash became corrupted, so I had to do it all manually, which put me in harms way and I died twice lol.
Lol i tried to go under the world and ninja it that way but those Invis walls >.<

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