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"Pull in the sails, we're coming to port!" Someone shouted. Cas looked up from looking at a map she had "borrowed" from a merchant while on land. She stood up, balancing easily on the wood above the sails. After rolling up the map and tucking it away in the ropes tying the sails, she began working on pulling in the main sail. She never once thought about her balance, she had yet to fall on accident.

She moved quickly, and the sail was folded in no time, just as they docked. She frowned slightly and pulled the hood of her shirt up, clipping the mask over her lower face and hiding her features. Most others aboard the ship did the same, few knew the inhabitants of this ship, and fewer wanted to know.
Dristis Octavian was the First Mate on Terror Binds, the Captain, his Orc friend Zog. He stepped down the stairs, his hands connected behind him on the small of his back. He watched the crew scurrying about, as they were docking soon. He put the hood of his thick, black cloak that seemed to absorb all light from around it.

"Cas, let's not stay too long. Last I heard our friendly little Stormwind ship was up in the city. I don't want to risk them running into us while we're vulnerable." he said to the Blood Elf, "Let's get what we need and hit the waves." he ended. He walked across the bridge and onto the dock. He walked into the area to find blade sharpening stones and a gunsmith to make some more ammo for his revolver.

He turned and signaled to Zog that he will be back in fifteen minutes.
Meghan stands on the dock beckoning to the crew of the Eagle’s Might. With a loud bellow “Come on! We don’t have forever! We got to get going.” A male human move’s up to her” Meghan, where is the captain?” Meghan snarls “The captain has his duties to take care of. The captain will be here soon hopefully, he went into town.” The response seemed good enough as the human shrugged and turned to the crew members who stopped” Come on people you heard the lady! Move move move!” A sharp screech is heard, as an eagle descends and land’s on Meghan’s shoulders. As the last crate is brought on the ship she smiles’s “Good job people! Go below deck and get situated we are missing some members and we are awaiting their arrival.” A human looks at her “Sorry to be disrespectful but why won’t you wait for us?”

Meghan look’s at him” Because, I was told specifically to wait. Go below deck and claim your bunk or you will be sweeping the decks the whole trip.” The human mutter’s to himself and move’s below deck. Meghan breaths in the salt air and smile’s. It’s a good day to sail, she can feel it. Leaning against the wooden rail she looks over the rail towards the Stormwind docks, watching the activity below.

Dwarf’s carrying materials and dock workers carrying boxes’ and bag’s to ships or to ships in construction. With a snarl she push’s herself away and pace’s across the ship watching the Gangway with one eye, at one point she kicks a bucket over" Where are they! she yells to no one in particular.
She looked down as she heard her name, grabbing a rope she kept tied around the mast and wrapping it around her arm before dropping down. She caught her self a few feet above Dristis. "Alright, well, what do we need?" she asked, half bored. She almost wanted to have a fight with Eagle's Might, in her oppinion, it had been too long between battles.

She dropped the last few feet down, landing silently. After unwrapping the rope from her arm, she followed the Death Knight. "Let me take a guess; food, water, weapons?" She asked, smirking from beneath her mask. She didn't look up at the Death Knight, she hated having to look up to someone, and he was almost a foot taller than she; she just stared ahead.
Captain Zog Boartusk looked down to see Dristis, his first mate, signal that he'd be back in fifteen minutes. He gave Dristis a thumbs-up, and stepped away freom the wheel. He watched his crew set foot onto Westfall and dry land. Dry land. It had been a week since they'd seen it. Zog was tempted to go and join them, but that would leave the ship without a defense, and even though it was just him, Zog felt that she was safer.

Sighing, Zog went to do what he always did when alone: repair weapons. He wandered off to his quarters, where a cloth sheet was spread across the floor. His hammer, poker, and other things were all scattered about, and several stacks of various types of ingots were set at the far end. He could've forged a few weapons, but that was a long-term thing, and he only had fifteen minutes. So he sat down and began to pound on a dented cutlass. As he did, he remembered times when people had payed him to do this stuff. Now it was really more of a hobby. Nevertheless, it was calming, and the life of a pirate was never so. And so he worked. He worked and worked and worked. He smiled, wishing, briefly, that he could do this for a living yet again, but he knew, deep down, that that was an impossibility. That didn't mean he couldn't still pound the dents out of a few swords, though. He thought about neither past or present then, only about the battered blade in front of him.

The hammer rose and fell, rose and fell. Endlessly. Just the way Zog liked it.
"Food, water, weapons, blankets and anything that can be used to waterproof all of those. The sea is rude like that," he said walking. He stopped, squinted and looked around. He saw a gunsmith in the distance and headed over. He turned around mid-stride and tossed Cas a bag of gold, plenty to cover the costs of all the supplies they'll need. He continued on to the gunsmith and dropped a heavy bag onto his table, and a single slug he already had.

"I need more of those. As many as those bars will make." the man looked inside and saw a stack of seven Saronite bars. He gave a wary look and Dristis put a plump sack of gold on the table. The smith nodded and began forging the rounds. After ten minutes, the bars were used up and the bag was filled with the black slugs, "Much appreciated. Be good." Dristis nodded and pivoted on his heel, walking back towards the Blood Elf.
Cas nodded slightly, catching the bag of gold easily. "Right..." she muttered, heading towards the inn. She ignored the others in the inn, summoning shadows over her face as she neared the Innkeeper. "I need some blankets, food, and water," she said quietly. The Innkeeper eyed her warily before she dropped a few of the gold coins on the table. He took them and went to another room. "Can you carry all these, girlie?" he asked her, handing her some rough blankets, skeins of water, some stale bread and salted meat. She nodded curtly and took it, heading back towards the ship.

"You'll have to get some weapons, though I think the Captain can make or repair the ones we have, he just needs some metal," she called to Dristis. She waited until he was closer before continuing. "If I can have about half an hour I can get some herbs to waterproof things."
Dristis nodded. "I can... acquire some metal for us. Could you take those supplies up to the ship, please. I'll get the metal and inform Zog of you gathering the herbs." he turned and walked off, towards the blacksmith. He circled around it, his hands behind his back and whistling softly. There were palettes of Iron and Steel behind the building, unguarded, "This will be even easier," he muttered. He looked to the left and saw an empty shop stand, near collapse. He launched a piece of ice at the weakest support beam and it collapsed loudly. Everyone looked or walked over and while distracted, he grew a slab of ice under the palettes and tied a nearby rope to them.

The palettes slid with ease on the grass and dirt thanks to the ice, and he whistled for a deckhand to come take over so he could get it back to the ship faster.

"Take this part," he said, and they began pulling harder. The deckhand got behind the palettes and pushed while they walked it up the ramp and onto the deck of the ship. Dristis dropped the rope and sighed. He scratched his head and walked back into the captains quarters.

"I'm sure she's already informed you, but Cas went to gather herbs to help waterproof our supplies. I've also got a surprise for you on the deck," he said and slipped out the door.
The hum drum of everday life for the people of Stormwind had been broken, as the mutterings of the soon to depart ship spread throughout the city. Some thought the ship was heading out to find treasure, other's thought it was a new warship meant to battle the Horde, all of this was just rumors. "Is that what you heard, what's the point of exploring the sea," two men were walking throuhg the streets discussing the many rumors behind the departing ship, "I swear I heard it from an old sailor buddy of mine, apparently the ship isn't hunting for Horde or treasure, it is simply an exploratory vessel meant to chart out the Veiled Sea." The other man scoffed, "Surely your friend is mistaken would the King really authorize such a vessel, we should be focusing on taking out the Horde, not exploring the sea." His companion couldn't deny that fact, but he was confident in his source, and he told the other man just that, the conversation quickly disolved into a shouting match. As the men shouted back and forth at eac hother neither noticed, the shadow that crept closer and closer to them, a faint growl was heard in the alley in which the argument was being held, just loud enough for the two men to hear.

Their argument ended immediately as they looked in the direction they heard the noise, in the shadows of the alleyway, two amber eyes stared back at them. This on it's own was enough to send shivers down the men's spine, another growl sent them running, screaming about a demon. By the time the two men brought the guards the creature was gone, and the men locked up for disturbing the peace. The creature by this time was leaping across the rooftops, curious onlookers, trying to catch a glimpse of the shadow that passed overhead, of course they were too slow. The creature was feline, with white fur and amber eyes, a quick glance at it most would think it just another wild animal, but if they looked into it's eyes they would see an intelligence far removed from both wild animals, and many of the younger races. This feline was no feline at all, but a druid, Sammuroth Stormfury was his name, and he was late, "Damn it all, I knew I shouldn't have stopped by Goldshire, the people there are always in need of some form of help."

Another more sinister prescence formed in the druid's mind, a manisfestation of the curse he had born for centuries, "You could have just said no, I don't understand your foolish desire to help the weak." Sammuroth had been fighting this dark prescence for nearly his whole life as a druid, and he could feel it getting stronger, "Helping the weak, helps me remember that I am nothing like you," he whispered. The Voice laughed, " That old excuse again, you are more like me than you want to believe, and one day you will realize that fact, and when that day comes I will enjoy making you rip apart all thos you ever helped or called friend." Sammuroth steeled his gaze, " Well then I will just have to make sure that day never comes," the druid found himself standing on a rooftop overlooking Stormwind harbor, he was relieved to see his destination was still there, the ship that all of Stormwind was talking about, the Eagle's Might. Sammuroth smiled to himself, "Well I wonder what kind of people I will meet on this adventure," saying that to himself he continued on his way to his next adventure.
Ithalin sighed as he neared the ship. The previous night had been all work, as had all the nights before it,considering Ithalin had no need for sleep. He'd spent it recharging his runes, sharpening his two longswords with their design of unholy runes running up the blade, 5 frost runes along the hilt, and one blood rune where the hilt and sword met. He had ensured his armor was reinforced and that there would be minimal chance of a weapon piercing the saronite plates. After that, he double-checked to ensure his tabard was still visible and not faded. It boasted the design on a frozen hand clenching a runebladed, denoting him not only as a member of the Ebon Blade, but to all those in the Ebon Blade, or who had previously been in it, that he was Ithalin Frosthand.

As Ithalin got closer and closer to the ship, he felt a mental presence nawing at his mind. As he was about to board, he finally let down his defenses. WHAT DO YOU WANT BALASTRAZ?!

Oh calm down you heap of bone, I was just informing you I was about to leave the city to go to things Frost Wyrms do, and wouldn't be returning for about a month.

And you felt that was a good enough reason to constantly annoy me with that chatter before I let you in?

God damn you wyrm, LEAVE!
Ithalin boarded the ship and headed back into the bunk/mess area, where he deposited his runecloth satchel containing his two daggers, Cold and Blight, along with the strongest drinks he had obtained in the city. With that he headed back onto the bustling deck with his hands on the sword hilts at his side. After looking around for the Captain, he walked over to the gangplank and waited for her to board.
While others were boarding the ship, a tall, slender female worgen stepped aboard. She sniffed the salty air, and groaned slightly. No scents of other worgen yet. Would she be alone again? But there was no time to worry about that. She began to hurry to the belly of the ship when she felt a hand grope her backside. At this point the worgen spun on her heel and smashed her fist into the nose of the grinning crewman who dared such an act.

Convinced that her point was made Kalista made her way to where the cannons were stored. She sniffed the powder in the kegs and tasted a small bit of it, like she had seen a few dwarves do back in Ironforge. She spit out the foul taste into the sea, but then grinned. "So we have some of the good stuff here. The men back in the harbor would be jealous." After examining a few cannonballs she lay her head down beside the cannon and closed her eyes. This could be a good trip, especially if they found those pirates again.
In her office, behind her desk, sat a rogue dressed in blue glossy armour, hair black as midnight, and eyes the colour of the sea itself. She seemed to be a young woman, map was held in her hands, calculating the route that was going to be taken as they ventured across the sea. The rogue had pondered why the SI:7 assigned her on this mission, but she had usualy never asked because she found out along the way, either way, there was work to be done, and crew members to look after, along with new members joining the ranks. Sighing, the rogue put down the map on the table and pushed herself from her chair.

Along the way she picked up a black ribbon to tie her loose hair into a ponytail. She tied it quickly, something she was used to doing became as easy as breathing for her. The rogue then walked towards the doors of the office and pushed them open and walking into the sunlight that beat upon the deck of the ship she was put in charge of. Two crew members saluted her as she came out, and after a quick nod to both of them, they went back to their duties.

After scanning the deck with her sea blue eyes, she then opened her mouth to bark out "Alright then! I require to see my First mate, some Death Knight and a....!" she pulled out a piece of paper from a waist bag, a braclet glinted in the bright sun as she pulled out a white piece of paper. Stareing at it closely, the woman then continued "A...Druid cat?! Uuuumm..." she lowered the paper and scaned the deck again, some of her crew member watching and waiting for her orders "Just look for a white cat with Druidic symbols on's larger than your ordinary cat. Dimissed! Tell them to meet me in my office!". With that, she walked back into her office and closed the doors behind her.

Strodding back to her desk, she sat back down into her chair and let out a deep sigh, then suddenly, she heard a voice behind her "So are you ready for your mission, Perfection?". The young woman named Perfection wirled around, getting out her chair so fast that it fell down with a loud Bang! against the wooden floors. She was met by the sight of a human, like herself, with long white hair, seemingly in her thirties. "Misty" Perfection scowled, bending over to pick up her chair and set it up right.

"Angi" replied the woman "You didn't even draw a weapon, guess you were a bit cocky" the black haired girl chuckled "More like me thinking some arrogant crew member decided to come in unoticed". The other woman chuckled back and shruged "Well...a lot different that what you expected, huh?", Perfection staied silent for a moment, rubbing her thumb against the smooth wood of the chairs back. She finaly spoke "So is there a reason why you're here?".

Misty shook her head "I just came to check up on you for Dareth, I'm leaving right about now, seeing as you're fine". Perfection nodded in acknowledgement to her words "Very well...I'll see you both when I come back home". With another nod, Misty walked over to a window that she had gotten in from and stepped out, vanishing from sight.

Muttering something under her breath, she sat back into her chair, only more tense incase there were more suprises from any other unexpected guests. The rogue then kicked her feet up onto the table and waited for the one she had called to arrive, hands placed together infront of her mouth as her eyes stared at the door of the office.
Ithalin looked back towards the officer's quarters and hearing the request for a Death Knight, he headed back towards the captain's office. As he looked behind him, he saw a worgen Death Knight board the ship. A rather ballsy crewman attempted to grope at her backside and was met with a swift punch to the face. Well FINALLY, a Death Knight who can still fight. All these new knights Arthas' raised for the assault on Hearthglen, I was starting to think any craven could become a Death Knight! Ithalin turned his head back around and strode over to the doors to the office.

He straightened up his tabard, made sure his swords were in place, and pushed the doors open, striding into the office while sending a gust of cold air behind him to slam the doors shut. He went over to the desk and stopped at about five feet away. "So Captain, you wanted to see 'ol Frosthand then? We finally going to get on with this sad attempt at accomplishing anything, or are we just going to sit at port until the cannons rust?"
Perfection watched as the Death Knight she requested walked in, arrogant and loud, just like a lot of them were, a typical stereotype that he some what fufilled. Either way, she smirked at his words "With that kind of attitude, Frosthand, we wont be going anywhere. We will leave port at some point, but there is still some people that have yet to arrive that I want to see before I do anything...but seeing as you're here first, let me give you a run down"

She moved her feet off the table, now proping her elbows upon it and her chin on the back of her hands "We are being sent to explore the Veiled Sea, certainly you would know, and while we are at it we are also looking for a certain group of pirates that also have the same interest in us. Now with that out of the way...let me give you a few..'ground rules' ". She narrowed her eyes at the Death Knight, her Sea-Blue eyes would seem to pierce the Death Knight's "I know you Death Knights, how much love you have for battle. One of them happens to be my Cannonier that I have a sense of course."

"This is my ship, you will respect those who are on it, we are all in and on the same boat. Literally. I will treat those with respect as a older brother would treat their younger sibling. There are good men and women on this boat, I will not see one such as you bring that reputation of determine and hard working crewmen down to a bunch of steaming turde. If you are here to represent the Ebon I see by your tabard, then you will have no problems following these rules, which basicaly is no harrasing the crew....or you have me to deal with. Do I make myself...Clear"

Her eyes narrowed further as she waited for the Death Knights response.
Meghan watch's the new members move onto the boat, with a smug smile she looks to the crewman to the right motioning to the male death knight she whisper's" ten gold and a round of drinks say he will get killed first by any creature." The human looks to her and mutter's back with a savage smile" Deal". Meghan nod's and looks back at him" Get back into the crows nest, what are we paying you for?" The man laugh's and nimbly crawls up, sword clenched withing his mouth, moving like a spider with ease over the rope.

She looks toward the female worgen, she laugh's and call's out" Whoa there Jeremy better watch out haha! her and her armor might break the wood." The man rub's his face, looks at her and laugh's loudly and shake's his head. Her attention snapping to the Captain as she call's out to the crew looking for specific member's. She smile's " About time..." she mutter's quietly to herself. Taking a small bag out of her bag, she whistle's loudly and a bird descends to land on her arm, she place's the bag over it's head and coo's to it softly as she tie's the knot to keep it on.

Moving through the ship toward's the captains quarter's, she smile's and greets every crew member by name. Opening the door, she step's in, looking at the captain she smile" Hello, Mistress. How may I be of assistance today?" without awaiting a response she grab's a chair and swings it around and sit's down and watch's the captain with a slight smile. Her smile widen's as she watch's the captain put the Death Knight in his place. She pipe's in" Come on, don't hole the boat either, Johnny"two by four" Does not wanna repair more hole's then he has to." Clearing her throat she clear's her face and stand's up saluting the captain before leaning against the wall awaiting acknowledgment.
Sammuroth leapt off the last building landing on the ramp that led down into the harbor, had anyone else tried such a feat they would have bronekn their legs, but luckily his feline form's flexibility allowed him to come out of it with only a vague tingling sensation in his legs. His landing had startled several dockworkers, but after giving them a curosry glance they went back to their respective duties, guess I should be a little more careful. Thinking this the druid walked toward the shadow of a nearby ship and seemingly disappeared, he had faded into the shadows around him making himself practically invisible, except to a highly trained eye. Let's see now which ship was it, he looked at each ship's name until he came to the one he was looking for, ah, here it is Eagle's Might. Sammuroth expertly hid his excitement, he had never been on a ship for any extended period of time, and he was looking forward, to the adventure. He had decided to come on this voyage mainly out curiosity and boredom, he had gotten leave from the Circle to undertake this quest, and he was once again glad he had decided to come.

As he neared the gangplank he heard a woman shouting, ordering a few people to come to her office, one of them being a druid cat, well guess that means me. The woman must have been the captain Sammuroth couldn't see her from his position, but she sounded capable enough. Still stealthed he walked up the gangplank and onto the ship he was surprised at the sight that greeted him once he boarded, he came aboard just in time to see a brazen deckhand grope a female worgen Death Knight, earning him a punch to the face as a reward for his efforts. The druid sighed, now I remeber why I have never stayed aboard a ship for any extended period, most sailors are drunken ruffians, oh well I made this bed so I guess I will have to lie in it. He noticed another Death Knight enter through a coulpe of doors, which he assumed must be the captain's office, still stealthed Sammuroth hurried to catch up to the Death Knight slipping in behind him.

Sammuroth was surprised at how young the captain looked, but of course most people of the other races seemed young to him, excluding the Draenei. Sammuroth had learned long ago to never judge a book by it's cover, he made the captain out to be a rogue, which was strange. Rogue's were generally used for scouting and assassination, what was one doing as the captain of a ship, he supposed it didn't matter. He decided to test her, this trip was supposed to alleviate his recent boredom, silent as a ghost Sammuroth made his way across the room until he was behind the woman, once there he sat down, and waited to see how long it would take her to notice him.
Cas brought the supplies to the ship and gave them to one of the crewmen. She nodded slightly and walked back off towards the land. She easily found the herbs she needed and collected them in a pouch. It was easier than she had thought, and was starting to head back to the ship. She stared at the horizon as she walked, and as she neared the ship, she saw the dark clouds looming far off.

She hurried to the ship, tossing the herbs to where the crewman had put the rest of the supplies. She ignored the others and moved to the Captain's room, knocking lightly before opening the door. "I think we need to move, sir. There's something nasty heading this way," she said. With her news delivered, she left, grabbing the pouch of herbs as she went by the stack. The rope she had swung down from had been tied off at the side by someone, as it usually was. She tugged at it experimentally before beginning to scale it with ease, her movements smooth.

"Someone untie that!" she called down, and someone listened, though she didn't care to make out who. She pulled the rope up and tied it off to the mast. From there, she sat and began crushing the herbs together carefully. Once they were mixed into a dry powder, she filled the pouch with it once more. "Dristis, this is for the waterproofing," she called down, waiting for him to look up before tossing the bag down to him. She had used it plenty of times before, and she assumed that he knew how to use it.
Dristis looked up and saw Calasia drop down the waterproofing herbs. He caught it in his open palm and put his hands behind his back again. "Thank you, miss Calasia," he nodded at her and turned around, "Get those supplies under the deck. Get the food into the galley and weapons in the arms room. We're going to be moving soon!" he shouted out to the deckhands. He walked down the stairs to the second level under the main deck. Ducking his head from a low hanging bag, he watched the members of the ship scurrying around. Claiming sleeping areas, putting up supplies, and preparing the ship for its voyage.

He tapped one of the sailors who seemed to be taking some form of charge on the shoulder. He turned around and Dristis handed him the back with the herbs.

"Waterproof our supplies, please. Especially gunpowder. We don't need that to pop while on our little trip. Thank you." He pivoted and walked back up the stairs and up to the top level, sails were being drawn and tied and ready to leave.

"Let's be ready to leave in ten minutes everyone. We've got a busy trip ahead."

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