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Emerald Dream
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Hello Emerald Dream Alliance! We are <Animated>. We are a 10m raiding guild with intent on becoming a great HM guild.

We are looking to push into HM raiding ASAP. We are quite laid back but have a Hard core attitude and a hunger that we expect all of our members to have. This means proper spec and knowledge of your class, knowing all fights having at least one raid profession two is a plus, having food pots and flasks we do provide them once we farm but in the first few weeks self supply will be a must.

RAID TIMES ARE TUE 8:00 PM-10:30 PM CST and THUR 8:00 PM-10:30 PM CST the casual schedule means we expect nearly 100% attendance.


Paladin Holy

Our loot system is a 1-100 need over greed roll atm, but will more than likely change to a simple EPGP point system. Boss kills will give points showing up early, staying for whole raid, and donations to guild bank will award points as-well.

This is a guild that does accept casuals just because socials are a great way to keep the guild friendly and active on off nights and a great way for you to meet new people. No need to app for casual spots or PvP spots.

Still looking for a ton of new faces we look forward to hearing from you!
We are also looking for social members who want to just hang out just whisper me when you log on!
Hello again still looking for all sorts of people any class and any level! We want you to come join us in guild please whisper me or Dazbog, Bushmill, Jerrok or Katileana for info or invite.
What a cool server, really enjoying it. Yep we're looking for a few key raid roles (heals and such, maybe a tank) as well as any casuals who'd like a laid back place to hang and/or level. All are welcome. Catch me any time in game for an invite.
Bump - possibly looking to join you'll hear soon enough.
would love a DK tank for our main raid spot want to get gelled as soon as possible to push hard once again! all are welcome levelers and casuals alike

Would love a healer we got a tank need resto shaman resto druid or disc priest also all positions are up for grabs please apply if you wanna raid or whisper me with ilvl and spec. also as always levelers and PvPers are welcome along with people that wanna just hang out. W-PvP and pre-made BGs start this week come get some HKs!
Still looking for PvPers we wanna do world PvP Arenas rated BGs and Pre-made BGs. Also looking for raiders and socials if you wanna join whisper me.
ill be xfering their in a couple days would you like a rouge for ur core team
we have a rogue for raiding ATM but we want to get heavy into PvP and are looking to snowball into a large guild. So you are welcome to join us we are very social hope to see ya in our guild if you wanna join just whisper me.
Starting to get back into HMs next week also always doing Pre-made BGs and have players interested in Arena looking to build on that. Just send a tell in game levelers and socials are welcome also!
LFM for Pre-made BGs some W- PvP and Arenas all levels of experience accepted.

Need Gear we will help!

Need to level join us!

Wanna just hang out join us!
Still need good players who wanna do all the fun stuff MOG runs PvP 5 mans and achievement runs!
LFM socials raiders and PvPers.
LFM 2nd raid group, along with PvPers and LvLers.
Still need people for a 2nd raid group and PvP
Hello! Still need all sorts of people we are growing in numbers and want to become one of the bigger guilds on the server. We have skilled players and new players Raiders and PvPers and levelers so come and make our guild your new home! Repairs for raiders MoG Mount and Achievement runs along with Random BGs and more.
Hello, do you have any openings in your core raiding team for a lock? I've been considering transferring to ED.

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