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Emerald Dream
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we need people for group 2 and some of group one will need to be replaced soon
Bump just got 3rd HM kill, Also looking for 2nd group players and PvPers
Still looking for people for group 2 also looking for PVPers socials and levelers.
Bump For 2nd group RBGs next weekend come join our fun fast growing guild!
Bump for them peeps all are welcome
MoP is out 9-25-12 Come join what is bound to be a top guild on the ED server all spots are up for grabs at start of expansion. Raiding and PvP will be done we need PvP leaders and dedicated raiders.
Bump looking for all
come join us for MoP we are a great guild when you work hard and actually are social rewards will come!
Bump! Working on getting some people together for organized, competitive PvP in preparation for MoP.
come on all are welcome looking to build a good RBG team!
Bump for MoP
Bump for more people all levels are welcome and play styles
up up up and away!
bump bump bump it up
still looking!
join us for mop!
to the top!
Free bumps to make troll threads of hate disappear

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