Looking for a us RP or unofficial auRP realm

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Hey guys, I just recently resubbed after having a break from MMOs and started playing console games for a while.

But now that I'm back I was looking for a realm that has a good oceanic RP community. I'm aware the oceanic servers still don't have a dedicated RP realm but I wasn't sure if in my absence the community had dubbed a particular realm an 'unofficial RP realm' or if a particular RP or RP-pvp realm on the American servers was unofficially an oceanic realm. I could easily role a toon on one of the many American realms but I'd rather find One that I know would have people on at the same time as me. It's no good looking for RP when the server is quite.

So if anyone has any suggestions as to where I should make my new home please feel free to make them :)
Hello there, sorry for the late reply so I am unsure if you will read this.

Aman'Thul has a small group of non-erotic RPers that group together and RP regularly.
PST or mail me, Narnakia, in game for more info :).

The gang are always looking for more RP friends.

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