Cenarion Circle - Abyssal Templars

Can the stones still be activated when wearing the 3 piece set?
I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think some comments on wowhead talked about them....hmmm

/checks wowhead and wowpedia.org

I believe the npcs you're looking to summon by activating the stones are: Baron Kazum, High Marshal Whirlaxis, and Lord Skwol, correct? Unfortunately, according to wowhead.com. They seem to be removed from the game. D: I wanted to go kill them too. But I missed my chance it seems.
I'm not sure why Blizzard killed half of the Silithus quests. My shaman still has all the items necessary to summon the highest level of boss, but the stones don't work. I honestly don't understand why those summons had to be removed.

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