This is an intervention for your bumping. Plz not so much.
You have a serious problem, and the first step is admitting it.
Were all friends here
i think everyone should read out their letter they made to cast, starting with potato

You're a good GM. It pains me to see you acting like this. Don't you remember the times when you told us to stop trolling the forums? Those times when you !@#$%ed at Cancer? Its sad to see you sink to this level.

If you don't change you'll just end up like Snokey! You don't want to be like that.
We can get through this together! You will get through it, you will overcome it!

Greggy has paladin syndrome
Someone was after carmelians! and a mop name!
This is serious Cast!

Neah will read next.
Nice editing skills

I remember the good old days when you were running around org without a care in the world, afking at the mailbox, hanging round the firelord corner, but you changed man.

Now you are bumping and using the bik necros on the post like some bik boy, i don't even recognize you.

If you don't accept help today, your raid spot for Mists of pandaria will be void, and carried will replace you.

Take this help we are offering you today for a 72 day rehabilitation stint in palm springs florida, do it for the guild do it for potato, do it for yourself!
I don't want to be replaced by Carried :(
Think about the '[H] Herald of the Titans title run'...! Why does no one tihnk about Jse's [H] Herald of the Titans title run :(
Stop feeding your addiction.

Your stronger than this.
Dear Cast,

Forget about the Herald of the Titans run. Front offered to be your cabana boy while you are at palm springs. I think its a very good option since i don't think you will get any others so you should accept it.

Dearest cast,

You're a !@#$.
wait how is slop censored for you?
Dearest Niyan,

Your a good mage. You shoot arcane things good, just like a good mage. When you turn up to raids.

Dearest Smokey,

I still run around org without a care, I am getting back into the afking at mailbox/trailier. It sadens me that you cannot even recognise the same afking priest. It truly does. I still recognise you, and do not judge you by your forum posts. Why so judgey? Not even thinking about the Ajantis sales runs! They need to be bumped. Plus I don't know what a bik necro is, i need help with that.

Dear Nea,

I'll go if you go with me! :D Front can be your Cabana boy too.


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