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Moon Guard
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Pamphlets are scattered here and there in the Row, perhaps easily kicked aside or ignored. Outside the Row, however, they are discretely adhered to walls, out of the way of general traffic.

"Risen from the ashes of an old company, an old idea, The Dawn once again seeks to fill out our ranks. A Mercenary Company, we've always been easily found in taverns and on the streets, and the jingle of Gold will surely catch our attention.

The Lady Mercenary known as Kiahnni Jade Icelily has taken the reins, and seeks to build on what she has been left, continuing what The Dawn has always been.. A Company of trade, and general Mercenary work.

But she also seeks to create a home for those without one in the trade... The mercenaries, the traders, the assassins, or others who simply walk a more neutral line when it comes to the war between the factions. The ones who are usually turned away by general society, she welcomes with open arms.

Do you seek a Brotherhood of brothers and sisters in arms, freedom from the callous treatment by most within our trade? Then The Dawn may very well be what you're looking for..."


OOC Info <3

As the IC intro states, we are a Mercenary Company, with a bit of a twist.. A home for those without one in the trade, where you'll be treated as family rather then just a nameless employee.

We are a level 25 guild with our main focus being on RP, but we still love to kick back and run an instance or two. We are very casual in that respect, and there's no pressure whatsoever to be the best, most elite player. In fact, we discourage this. We're here to have fun, not get yelled at <3

And while we are focused mainly on RP, we won't turn away OOC members who're just looking for a little help while leveling with perks, be it with instance runs or where to go for information about your class.

Some rules to keep in mind, for those interested in joining.

- We have a ZERO tolerance policy for drama. Kicking up a little IC drama now and then is always fun, but OOC Drama will -NOT- be tolerated.

- Princess fits will also not be tolerated. We're all here to relax and have fun, and you are not more entitled to something then anyone else is for whatever reason.

- Know how to separate IC from OOC. I can't stress this enough.

- Trolling, for any reason, will -NOT- be tolerated. If you decide to join, you are agreeing that even if you don't RP, or RP often, you will be expected to hold respect for RPers. If I get proof that you have been trolling, it will be an instant g-kick.

- That being said, Please bear in mind that everything you do while under our guild tag, reflects on us as a whole. So, Don't act like an !@#$%^ <3

If you're cool with following these simple rules? Feel free to whisper for more info! <3

Random edit for typos. Derp.

Also edited to update guild level information <3)
I like your guild. bump for support =)
Ladi was once more walking the streets of Silvermoon when the parchment came her way. For a moment, she dismissed it like it was nothing more than a general order recruitment, but the last statement caught her eyes.

Is it possible to be among people whom didn't judge and accepted strangers like family? It had to be too good to be true, but for a few brief moments Ladi's heart swelled with excitement and hope that perhaps there truly was a new dawn coming.

Stepping quietly, she tucked the note away to find a bench to sleep upon as the day was melting away to night and her eyes had tired out.

(( Good luck, baby. Your recruitment looks solid and great. <3 ))
((*Hip bumps Venven* <3 Thanks for the support hon!))
(( Looking good, Kiah! Bumping up to support your cause! /hug))
((Eilik has already been planning to speak with Kia again, bumping because I feel like it. And because, hey, I try to be a good friend. :D Support Before the Dawn! It's led by an amazing RPer!))
Thanks for the support you two <3
Kia and Tia..

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Support bump!

This seems like a pretty sweet deal. I'm on the lookout for any kind of merc/traders/assassin guild for my rogue here, so I'll definitely be considering you guys :]
'Nother bump for ya.

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