Looking for interest for late night pugs

I'm thinking of transferring over to hang out with friends, and looking at re-establishing a very late night pug group horde side! We're talking 2am+

I know a lot of people have alternative schedules, have social guilds to be with friends but enjoy the community and challenge of an organised raid! Looking for people who are able to fairly regularly come to my raids :D

I expect people to be accountable, a certain amount of loot counseling will apply (let's face it random rolls are the LEAST fair way of distributing loot) ie; someone has been needing that last tier peice and regularly comes, has needed that weapon for months ect.

Any reserved loot shall be upfront told to everyone, the rest rolled.

I expect people to be reforged, gemmed and geared to the best of their ability besides raid level gear/gems. It's just not fair if you roll on everything because you can't be bothered putting in independent effort.

Reply to this post or send me a buzz if you'd like to know more

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