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Hello UI and Macro forum!

I currently heal on 3 characters (Shaman, Priest, and Druid) and I use mouseover macros with the standard Blizzard Raid Frames.

I love the "automatic" nature of what the stock raid frames show, and how they show it. i.e. On Heroic Yor'sahj, I can see who has how many stacks of Deep Corruption, and OmniCC will show me how long until a stack reset.

Aesthetics, however...(not so much).

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to set up Grid so that the showing of statuses would work similarly to the Blizzard raid frames, and then I can customize the look of my frames to my liking.

Any help I could get would be GREATLY appreciated.

Alternately, are there any addons that alter the Blizzard Frames?

Thanks guys!
If I correctly understand your request; you want to change Grid's indicators so that they show actual buff/debuff icons instead of little colored squares?

I believe you want a grid plugin called GridCornerIcons (or perhaps GridAuraIcons or GridBuffIcons or something. It was definitely called Grid____Icons). I remember it being mentioned in one of those "someone decipher this UI for me" threads.

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