Any guilds have room for one more?

Aerie Peak
Hello everyone,

I am moving from East coast servers to Pacific, and, after doing some looking around, have decided that Aerie Peak looks like a good place for my WoW toons to land.

I have an 85 paladin (prot/ret) and 85 priest (disc/disc-pvp). I have been playing WoW for more than 5 years now, have raided since 40 man Molten Core, but have been focusing more recently on 5-man heroics and pvp. That is not because I don't want or like to raid, its just the guild I'm coming from hasn't done much raiding for a while.

Anyway, if you'd like a laid back, mature player who likes to have fun, help people out and also more than pull their own weight with guild runs, achievements and hard-modes, then please let me know if I might fit in to your guild!


Hey there, Great to hear that your interested in Aerie Peak. I just formed a guild on Aerie Peak that was previously established on the server Dalaran. We went 8/8 Heroic mode Dragon Soul and we are ready to bring that experience to Aerie Peak and compete with other brand name guilds on Aerie Peak. Also, we are interested in helping others get ready for Mist of Panderia, which will be one of our main goals. Currently we only have 4 members in our guild but we are giving other members "tryouts," there are about 15-20 people waiting in line for a response from us. If you want, please contact me in game on Aerie Peak through my hunter (Nightshaid) or my bank alt (Monjo). Thanks and I hope you come to Aerie Peak and join <Ascend> for a great raiding experience.

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