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Who we are : TBI is a guild founded on the idea that WoW should be fun. We only really have one rule and that is respect your guildies. Lots of us go by first names, it's a good environment. I do NOT tolerate drama at all, i have removed an officer in the past in favor of guild harmony and i would do it again in a heartbeat. We are lv 25 and have 7 bank tabs, Vent, and a new website tbi.enjin.com. we're currently 5 bosses deep into tier 14.

What do we want: More awesome people to share laughs and achievements! We are looking for people to fill out a serious, progression minded raid group, a solid regular RBG team, casual players who like to do a little of this and that, and if you just like sitting in sw at the AH (me) you have a spot in TBI too!

we are an english language guild, but have a good bunch of QC members. We accept any level and would be more than happy to help any horde rerolls/server xfers get aclimated.

Whisper any member for more info or an invite.
Guild approved!
Need some more PVP'ers!
did you know Oscar fish eat fruit?
yay we FINALLY got that stupid phoenix, 3 cheers for motivation. lulz
if i say Khoryace 3 times will he appear???
Tigers Blood Inc is looking for you!

Please feel free to join a drama-free guild, full of laughs....and a cool druid named Mends! =)

We enjoy moments of PvP, RP (Sorry, it's regular RP--not like Moon Guard, Goldshire), guild activities, guild content runs (old/current/new), etc. If you're a casual...we're looking for you! If you're an auction house junkie, feel free to join! If you're a complete newb...you're welcome, too!

We're in the process of creating a core raid group, as well as a RBG group to fulfill the needs of our PvP'ers! We care about them, too!

All colors, creeds, religions, political beliefs, sexual orientations...etc., etc., are welcome! Sometimes, we get a little out-of-hand...but, no offenses are ever on purpose. Unless it's to make fun of Mends. :D

I really don't know what to say. Give us a try, and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us! Ask any guild member who is online for more information, or send an in-game mail to Tracyworgn, above...or Mends! We'll be glad to help in any way possible, within limits, of course!

As the Muppets once said:

"We want you! We want you! We want you as a new recruit!"
PVP for you and me..

unless you like to raid
so call me tracy!!
if you fall into either of these groups tbi might be for you;

never raided? never done real pvp? Don't matter we can show you what to do! :D


Want to kill monsters at a fairly serious progression level come MoP? We're making a group for you too (casuals need not apply)
Go Go alliance in MoP! need more peeveepee'rs!

and raiders, casuals too.
MoP is coming! We are not prepared!
I might be interested in transferring. I have 4 level 85 characters but I would not be able to transfer all of them at the same time. I would probably start out with this character. I have a few questions. What are, or will be, your raid times? Also, what is your website address, if you have one?
tigersblood.enjin.com is our website. we're still ironing out raid days for mop, as of now we usually rock on sundays. Coming in mop i would like to lead a little more hardcore group too. Youre more than welcome to make a lv 1 and try us out before you buy. if you have any questions feel free to post here, ask any member in game or send me ingame mail.
Patch day! over/under is 6pm central time.
up up up
Need some more raiders, some more PVPers, some more AH goblins, casuals, forces of awesome in the universe.
09/27/2012 03:47 PMPosted by Secksorcism
if i say Khoryace 3 times will he appear???

Your raid progression and pvp rating are too low to be worthy of his presence. Your guild is bad and you should feel bad.

thanks for the bump, guy whose opinions dont matter to me!

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