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thanks for the bump, guy whose opinions dont matter to me!
So, MoP is hands down my favorite xpac. hopefully the raiding will be as well done as everything else so far!

that said, we are hoping to be doing some guild boss killin next week and could use some dps for our serious group and all slots for our casual/alt raid. you pvpers have a couple more days to join up and get to know a few guildies for arenas!
Need a solid tank for Mosugan tomorrow!
To the top, still recruiting raiders for both casual and more progression minded raiding. Pvp division is back up and running for MoP if you would rather eat trolls!
im a 466 Shadow priest and would love to talk to you about becoming a raider preferably Hardcore raider because its my favorite thing to do.
Whisper me ingame sometime when youre not busy. should be on a good chunk of sat then sunday night after football.
welcome to grim^ and all the new members!

also bump for the more serious a dedicated PVP division of TBI for this xpac!
Rolling Stones or AC/DC?
Ello there!
and one more for great justice
Don't stop believing, keep PVPin!!!
bump for people who want to raid tues/sun!!!!!
we dont have rbgs going every night yet, so we need more pvp'ers!
up up and awaaaaay

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