[A]<Tigers Blood Inc> Looking for more!

4/6 in vaults with pretty much 2 weeks of actual raiding.
^^ His mouth is soft on my sack.

Doth not T bag me!
You know you love the Japanese tea.
the stuff with the birds nests?

glad to see your dog is safe, shoulda bought a male. b itches <---(USED CORRECTLY no reportys!) be cray
Also WTB more PVPers
Shoot, I will have to rename my Paladin Kettlenon with all of the !@#$%^-*!@ I am going to do if you're recruiting more PVPers!
you're just jealous of my sick eyewear
captaiiiIIiiIIiIiIiInNnNnNnN cavemaAaAaAAaAaAaAnnnnnnnnnn
Awesome group of peeps looking for a few DPS to rock it out!!!!
need pvp'ers too!!! i neeeed rbgs!
need some really really good dps.
bump for my 85 pound !@#$ hound of cuteness.
c o o n hound is censor'd :(
a gm who has been on the server in good standing since karazan! :D
american horror story you say?
This is a bump
can we get some mo pvpers. pugging rbgs is laaaaame
A lot of new incoming raiders! a couple more and you'll give us a great reason to switch to 25 mans!

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