[A] Eternal Night (glvl18) Recruiting HDS

Raid time is wed/thur 9pm-12am server time. Currently looking for a solid healer (other than disc priest) and Rogue for our core team. Flasks/Food/Repairs and all that jazz. Current progression 1/8H (just started).

Guild is lead by 5 members with 5+ years raiding experience each. We use Teamspeak, not mumble or ventrilo.

Whisper Daingerus, Ðangerus (alt 0208 Ð), or Ariäl (alt 0228 ä) for more info. Usually online after 9pm server time, or early afternoon. Can also /who Eternal Night and ask any member who will direct you to the officer currently online.

We are dedicated to gearing up your lower lvl 85's as well with normal DS runs on saturday nights.

We are currently preparing to form our core raid team for MoP. We are all probably going to be switching classes. TYHFGLDD!

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