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Not since... 09 maybe?

07/16/2012 10:03 PMPosted by Orchitis

I think you rely on that addon to much, there are a fair few workarounds to post from the same account and not get picked up by it. Although there is also ways to track that!
The addon's still fairly new to me.

edit: postd on wrong toon

No one can hide behind alts....


Well Well Well.

This seems amusing.

A GM Trying to make beef with another guild.

I would like to see how this goes down lol.
free bumpz thanz guyz!!
Hello I need Deck Defender and 2 different Dragon starts from Chromatic Champion, I can transfer asap for this. Prize?
I really don't think it would be worth your time or money transferring over to another realm for those basic achievements. We don't plan on going back for glory achievements for a couple more weeks at this stage but if you are still keen send me an in game mail and we can discuss.
how much?
Please, seek us out in-game for an in-depth discussion regarding this, Reactivity. If you see myself, Sequence or Kuruptedthug, feel free to whisper one of us. Alternatively, send KT some mail if you don't see any of us on-line, to work something out.

It's easier to discuss what exactly you want, etc, that way.
Mount is now available for sale each week up until MOP is released.

For all mount lovers this mount will be a 1% drop rate come MOP so your chance to get it while you can.

Next available slot for mount and carry is the 17/7/12

Preference will go to people looking for mount + clear.

Contact us in game!
Will your guild be keen to run heroic rag? I have a raid lockout to rag which I can extend.
Do email me ( - not real-id) and we'll work something out.
Guildies still need the mount. :)

Have a buyer for mount this week but still have a spot available for a full clear.

Contact either myself or a core raider for further information.

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