Bug when posting items above 429,496g 72s 95c

Mobile Bug Report
Reposting from the EU forums.

Basically whenever you post an item on the mobile AH above this number it'll go down to under 90k. Basically makes selling any big ticket items (TCG mounts for example) impossible to do on a mobile device.

Test it out using this method:
1. Open remote auction house on an iPhone
2. Post an auction of a single epic item (preferably Cenarion Bracers or Amani Dragonhawk, because those are the items that I've confirmed the bug with) for 515k bid and 520k buyout.
3. Check "My auctions" and see the bid and buyout price on the item.
4. Log onto wow and check the in-game auction. The bid and buyout prices SHOULDE now be displayed as 515k bid and 520k buyout, instead (because of the bug) they display 85503g 27s 4c bid and 90503g 27s 4c buyout!

The reasoning behind this:
520,000g = 5,200,000,000 copper.
5200000000 decimal = 135F1B400 hex
It's common to have a 32-bit limit on integer variables. The max 32-bit number is FFFFFFFF hex.
135F1B400 & FFFFFFFF = 35F1B400 (strips off everything above 32-bit)
35F1B400 hex = 905032704 decimal
905,032,704 copper = 90,503g 27s 04c

So your effective limit is 4,294,967,295 copper, or 429,496g 72s 95c.

EU thread here:
Very important bug. Need fix ASAP
Yes, we are aware of this WoW server bug and patiently await the fix. Mobile QA standing by.
This is good to know, and good that you shared it with us US folk.
I will be sure to avoid the mobile AH for big ticket items until this is fixed.
This is slated to be hotfixed this upcoming Tuesday. I've checked it on our test realms, so we still need to verify that it gets picked up. If for some reason it doesn't go out Tuesday, I'll update this thread.
This hotfix went live during Tuesday maintenance. Looks good on our end. If anyone experiences any other issues at all, let me know.
This seems to still be an issue using the online auction house
02/02/2013 09:39 PMPosted by Algammon
This seems to still be an issue using the online auction house

Buying, bidding, selling, browsing, or all? What gold amounts? Closer to the 32-bit mark (429,496 gold 72 silver 95 copper) or closer to the gold cap (999,999 gold 99 silver 99 copper)?

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