Your "Internet" Radio experiences.

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Which do you prefer? Why? Anything particularly interesting you'd like to share that came from using said services? Did you discover something about the music you prefer?

I just want to know! :D
Pandora. I'd still be listening to terrible deathcore instead of more somber bands like Opeth and Mastodon if it wasn't for them. The variety they threw at me really matured my musical taste. I recommend it to anyone. Though, sometimes they do throw some off the wall stuff at you.
I also listen to Pandora, and I found out my tastes in music are rather "light hearted" for lack of a better term. Even got to the point I have had to dislike a few religous covers it has played.

I tend to listen to things without any words in them, a lot of instrumentals and electronic music. Often a good mix of the two :P

Pandora also seems to stay pretty up to date, like when Lindsey Stirling released that "Crystallize" song, I had heard it on Pandora a few days before it had gained popularity on YouTube. Was something I thought was rather cool.
I'll listen to my library radio every once in a while, but aside from that I'll just listen to albums from MusicBee if I'm listening to music on my computer.
Radio Paradise is a great eclectic office mix. Keeps everyone happy. Commercial free.
I listen to all the time, also mixcloud, and

All great for electronic music of any type.
+1 for pandora.

love that thing
Pandora is great, and now they have comedy. I listen to that at work and laugh my !@# off.
I like myself. Its record keeping of everything you listen to is quite nice.

Not a techno fan, but there is alot of really fun tunes playing there.

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