[H] <Concept>, Semi-casual raiding!

Current Recruitment Updated Dec 24th, Jingle Bells.

Tank: (any flavor)
Monk: (any flavor)
Elemental Shaman (with resto OS is a bonus!)


Concept is a level 25 Horde raiding guild here on Thrall. Raids are from 8-11pm EST, Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the casual to hardcore spectrum we define ourselves as "Casual Progressive." What this means is we are interested in seeing the end game content die on normal before the next set of content is released. We fully expect raiders to be properly gemmed, enchanted, reforged and geared for the content level -- but we do not go so far as to say you must be a certain race for your class. The idea is; wow is easy, play what you want but be good at it!

We track but not require attendance. We use attendance and performance to determine invite priority and to resolve loot disputes.

Concept does pursue hard-mode content, but not at a competitive level. Our primary aim is to clear on normal and keep the raid week light and short. We may elect to clear in a single night of the week instead of working on hard modes -- it all depends who we have in the raid roster for that week.

What we're looking for

We are looking for mature players that understand online gaming, who have the technology and intelligence to back it. Concept is home to some of the most generous and kind people you'll meet in wow. We are especially interested in people who enjoy raiding and helping others as that is core to what we do. We're also pretty good, so skilled people -- join! Raiders are held to higher membership requirements than other players.

There is room for non-raiders as well, and we welcome your friends and family into the guild.

We do not have a restrictive age, language, or any other type of policy. The guild is founded by people in their late 30's and 40's with a low tolerance level for "teen angst", "1337 sp34k", aol speak "r u gtg?" and the like.

Your typical lingo of "no drama/loot/attention hoes" will basically do. We do not police the language of ventrilo or guild chat, but ask that it is not abusive towards others.

Concept firmly believes that a guild tag over your head means something. If you are an idiot in trade chat or act in an egregious manner that reflects on us in a bad way you'll feel a firm boot on your backside right quick! We strongly support inter-guild relationships and heavily promote overall server health. Not being an idiot and helping others (yes even from other guilds) goes a long way.

About your founders
The guild is CO-GM'd by Kep and Katiyane, two veteran players with a fair amount of experience and achievements behind them. We have been consistently playing and raiding (and usually leading) since we started the game (release day, Nov 23rd, 2004.)

We believe we have a philosophy for a guild that anyone truly interested in playing the game, and enjoying that time will like. So please, come chat with us about it!

Getting Started

Visit concept.enjin.com and fill out our very brief application or come chat with Katiyane or Kep.
Updated format, will hold off on 25 mans until MOP and see if the current membership wants to pursue it then. For now, 2 10 man teams!
Getting some great inquiry, keep it coming!
Hello Thrall :)
I will be keeping an eye on you guys. I'm definitely interested, if only you raided just a little bit later....
Thanks for the bump Tusq :) Sorry our times aren't meshing with your schedule. The Saturday evening doesn't work for you either?

Also, still looking!
Updated class needs.
bump for another guild that starts with C
Thanks Bale :)
Need some more for MoP in 2 months
Updated class needs, we are pretty well set with room for a mage or a DPS DK on the tuesday Team.
Carat on a stick...?

I tried.
^ He'll be here all week ^
Up for some more for MoP
have recently returned to the game from a long break (just before DS came out) so I pretty much missed out on this entire tier. However, I am looking for a solid raiding guild to raid out the rest of DS with and continue to raid with in MoP.

If interested in a solid/dependable paladin healer, add me to realid friends: supersruzz@hotmail.com
Haha, Kati, just saw the message.
Bump for Fangs of the Father
I'm interested. I've got a post in the Thrall thread, if you'd like more info about me.

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