[H] Looking for Quest/Dungeoning Partners

I recently transferred to this server recently with my better half. We've just been leveling alts, running dungeons and other low-key stuff.

What would be nice is to find just some laid-back, mature friends who'd be interested in leveling, dailies, dungeon runs and the like. Right now I'm purely DPS but once I get my Shaman leveled and geared I'd be happy to take on some healing duty as well.

Thanks, folks!
Mature Audience Only. You have Me and my better half, Az and his better half, Dabum and his better half. In fact there are a lot of couples here. We are a more mature guild,although we do have some youngins in the mix...lol. We are laid back, friendly, and help each other. We all have alts we are leveling. We also have our mains, as this one is mine. We have a fun guild event every month, help with the world events and achievements, do transmog runs, even have an old school raid now and then. We even run OS weekly to try and get everyone a drake. Your more then welcome to come check us out. We would be happy to have you.
Oh shoot how did I miss your reply! I'd love to chat and get to know you better. Right now we're just leveling up alts, running our weekly dungeon runs, etc. It'd be good to make some friends on this server. I'll friend you on my alt and keep an eye out for you.
My alt, by the way. :)
Hey, i'm a player looking to make an alt with some cool laid back players. I would love to quest with you and some other people. It sounds really fun so just reply to me and we can sort out details.

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