<Censored> Rated Battlegrounds Group

Recruiting dedicated, well geared, and competent PvPers for our Rated BGs team. Our main focus is developing teamwork, achievements, and building upon our skills. The plan is to progress efficiently as a team while having fun. I highly stress that there should be no personal attacks from someone screwing up, but constructive criticism stemming from repeated mistakes. If said person is showing they are not giving close to or at 100% then they will be removed. Need players who can be give up time to do this. A solid group awaits.

Being alert, vocal when necessary, and listening is key. VENTRILO and MIC REQUIRED!!!

Scheduled Times: Saturday and Sunday. Between 2pm - 4pm.

Required Addon: BG Targets

Currently Recruiting:

Protection Warrior

Contact Totesmcgotes via in-game mail, chat if i'm online, or here.

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